Counterfeit Love by Crystal Caudill ~ Book Review

April 29, 2022


About the Book  

Book: Counterfeit Love
Author: Crystal Caudill
Genre: Christian Historical Romance
Series: Hidden Hearts of the Guilded Age, Book 1
Publisher: Kregel
Release Date: March 15, 2022

After all that Grandfather has sacrificed to raise her, Theresa Plane owes it to him to save the family name--and that means clearing their debt with creditors before she marries Edward Greystone. But when one of the creditors' threats leads her to stumble across a midnight meeting, she discovers that the money he owes isn't all Grandfather was hiding. And the secrets he kept have now trapped Theresa in a life-threatening fight for her home--and the truth.

After months of undercover work, Secret Service operative Broderick Cosgrove is finally about to uncover the identity of the leader of a notorious counterfeiting ring. That moment of triumph turns to horror, however, when he finds undeniable proof that his former fiancée is connected. Can he really believe the woman he loved is a willing participant? Protecting Theresa and proving her innocence may destroy his career--but that's better than failing her twice in one lifetime.

They must form a partnership, tentative though it is. But there's no question they're both still keeping secrets--and that lack of trust, along with the dangerous criminals out for their blood, threatens their hearts, their faith, and their very survival.

My Thoughts 

I love and hate when I fall in love with a debut author! I love it because I have found a new author that I can add to my list but I hate it because it means I must be patient until they release their next book! Bookish nerd problems am I right? This book was so good! I was immersed right away and I could not put it down. Crystal Caudill added all the elements needed to have me utterly captivated. 

The characters were so well written and developed. I loved getting to know Theresa and Broderick. You definitely feel the emotions in this story. Goodness, poor Theresa, I felt like nothing was ever going to go right for her. I mean she was clueless of her grandfather's shenanigans and was being the sole provider for the family. I just wanted something to go right for her. Then we meet Broderick, who just happens to be her former fiancee and goodness is he absolutely swoon worthy!! Ladies, let me tell you he is the perfect leading gentleman. You will definitely fall and root for him the entire time. 

The faith element in this story was superb. I really enjoyed seeing the growth in Theresa's faith  throughout the story and I love that it was her friend Lydia who made her truly see that God is always with her no matter the circumstance. Sometimes we need a wake up call and who better to give it to us than a bestie. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It was well researched, had outstanding characters, great mystery and plot twists, action and a faith element that we can all relate to and have been through and swoon-worthy moments that are completely amazing! I would love to see more from these characters especially more of Nathaniel. I think he needs his own story but that's just me the reader hoping for more! 

 If you enjoy Christian Historical Fiction you need to make sure you grab this one and add this author to your list! I can't wait to read what she comes up with next!! (Now we patiently wait...)

My Rating: 5 Stars/ Absolutely Loved it!!

Swoon Worthy Level: 💗💗💗💗💗

My Favorite Quote:

" I know you've been struggling, but no matter what happens or what you think you've lost, you cannot lose God. He pursues you with an unstoppable passion. He wants to be with you, and sometimes it takes stripping everything away for us to realize how much we need HIm. If you have nothing left, then turn to the One you do have. He's there waiting."

I received a copy of this book from the author. I was not required to post a positive review. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.

About the Author

Crystal Caudill is the author of "dangerously good historical romance," with her work garnering awards from Romance Writers of America and ACFW. She is a stay-at-home mom and caregiver, and when she isn’t writing, Crystal can be found playing board games with her family, drinking hot tea, or reading other great books at her home outside Cincinnati, Ohio. Find out more at







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  1. I absolutely loved this one as well!!! Can't wait for the next one!