Darling Hedgehog Goes Down a Foxhole by Auralee Arkinsly


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Darling Hedgehog: Goes Down a Foxhole
Author: Auralee Arkinsly
Children's Chapter Book
Paperback & ebook, 44 Pages
August 8, 2019 by Capture Books

Darling Hedgehog goes on an adventure to look for her parents who dropped out of sight. 

Darling Hedgehog learns about the animal nature of things in high humor and carefree, cute, and winning episodes. Learn about opposites, homophones, and similes as two animals in nature roll into fantasy land. For children 4-8 or preschool and kindergarten, as a read-to-me picture book, and first grade and second grade as a chapter book.

Darling and Miss Fox come to life as Darling introduces herself to the strange animal who is Miss Fox. Miss Fox gives her gifts so that Darling is distracted from her mission. The two animals look for things to do together in fantastical attempts to be friendly. When Darling enters Miss Fox's kitchen, she realizes that by nature, not all strangers are good for you. Will Darling save the day when it's already dinner time?

Pictures similar to Charlotte's Web and the Mercy Watson series are characterized and painted in full-color, though the pages are set up like a chapter book.

This book helps to train children in natural wisdom, analysis, and discernment. It helps to balance the teachings of acceptance of everyone and friendliness to all. There may be good purposes for everyone to exist under heaven, yet all purposes may not be good for a child. So, beware, and flee from crafty foxes especially when they are holding your parents in the pantry.

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My Thoughts
This is a good book to teach children about strangers and the dangers of believing things that people may say. This is an especially important subject in the times we are living right now.  The book is geared for children Kindergarten to second grade (ages 4-8). The illustrations are whimsical. My boys didn't care much for the book but my youngest little girl did. She loved the hedgehog with the tutu. Overall it was an okay story and short enough to keep the attention of younger children.

My Rating: 3 Stars/Liked it 

About the Author

Auralee Arkinsly writes in good humor about serious subjects because kids of all ages can learn a lot from laughing. Since opposites exist, she believes children can learn to identify the nature of things and get out of a risky situation. "Good Laughter sparks the mind." She reckons if she can save some from the bumps and bruises, then she has done a good day's work.

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Top Ten Tuesday ~ Questions I'd Ask My Favorite Authors


Happy Tuesday!! 
I hope everyone is having an amazing week so far! It's another Top Ten Tuesday hosted by the Artsy Reader today's topic is Top Ten Questions I would ask my favorite authors! I pretty much read the same type of genre so my questions wouldn't fluctuate that much between authors unless I know something specific about them. So here are the general questions I would ask.

1. What is your drink of choice coffee, tea or something else?
2. What made you start writing?
3. What inspires you to write the genre you do?
4. Who has been your biggest supporter/cheerleader?
5. What is your favorite book you have written and why?
6. Who is your favorite author?
7. What is your favorite book quote?
8. If you could go back and change something about one of your books what would it be and which book?
9. Do you have a favorite spot you do your writing in?
10. When should we expect your next book?

What about you? What questions do you have for your favorite author? I'd love to know so comment below 😊!

Rocky Mountain Revenge by Rhonda Starnes

Author: Rhonda Starnes
Genre: Christian Suspense, Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Love Inspired Suspense
Release Date: July 1, 2020

To survive her deadly homecoming

she’ll need to trust a man from her past…

Temporarily home to help at her family’s vet clinic, Grace Porter has no intentions of staying—but someone’s determined she won’t live long enough to leave. With both Grace and her sister in the crosshairs, her ex-boyfriend, Police Chief Evan Bradshaw, must protect them. But can the single dad lawman uncover the truth about why a killer’s out for vengeance before time runs out?


Holy Suspense! This book definitely grabs you right from the start. The story is about Grace who is a veterinarian who has left the town of Blackberry Falls partly because of her pre-conceived ideas of what small town life is like. She returns to Blackberry Falls to help her sister Chloe through her divorce and manage the veterinary office that her father left her. 

Seriously when I say that the first chapter of the book completely has you on the edge of your seat, nail biting as you are trying to figure out what is happening and who is the person out to get these sisters. As the story evolves you think you have it all figured out then the author throws in something else into the mix to throw you off! I loved it!! I love suspense novels so this one had me hooked. I honestly had to stop in the middle of the book and see if Rhonda Starnes had any other books out for me to read and I was completely surprised that this was her debut novel. 

There is some romantic aspects in this story as the story is also about Evan the sheriff in town, who was in love with Grace and even proposed to her before she left town. So there is definitely some unresolved feelings between them but the story line itself is not simply about their romance which I thought was refreshing. Don't get me wrong there was romance going on but you are so focused on figuring out what is happening that it just kind of blends and flows well together. 

If you love suspense stories this is the book for you! Definitely expect the unexpected with this one. I would not mind returning to Blackberry Falls and seeing a bit more of these characters again!

My Rating: 4 Stars/ Really Liked it!

Favorite Quote: "You woouldn't make a promise unless you meant to keep it, but don't make promises that are out of your control. Whether or not everything is okay isn't up to you." Her voice softened. "All you can do is try to make the best choices in any given situation and know the rest is in God's hands."

(I received this book as part of Just Read  Book Tours. I was not required to post a positive review. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.)


Rhonda Starnes is a middle school language arts teacher who has dreamed of being a published author since she was in seventh grade. She lives in North Alabama with her husband, who she lovingly refers to as Mountain Man. They enjoy traveling and spending time with their children and grandchildren. Rhonda writes romantic suspense with rugged heroes and feisty heroines. To know more about her books follow her here: https://rhondastarnes.com

Coming Home to Maverick by Sophia Summers

Author: Sophia Summers
Genre: Contemporary Christian Western Romance
Series: Cowboy Inspired Romance, Book 1
Publisher: Kings Row Press
Release Date: June 2, 2020

Bailey is back. Maverick thought he was over her. But neither can deny the feelings that will always be there.

Bailey has made mistakes, so many she doesn't think she'll really ever forgive herself. But her daughter deserves the kind of life Bailey had growing up. When she shows up on her parents' doorstep back to her hometown, the one person she isn't ready to see is Maverick. But will she ever be able to face him?

The minute Maverick hears Bailey is back, he knows his heart still belongs to her. But what kind of man trusts a woman who left him at the altar? As he grapples with a new daughter that he can't help but wish was his, all the responsibilities of running his family's ranch, and the hurt he feels about Bailey's betrayal, he finds new love and hope not only with her but with God.

As soon as God is a part of the equation, the sweetness they find is better than they ever had. Just maybe this second chance around is God's gift of happiness to them both.

This was a sweet story filled with themes of redemption and re-connection. The setting is in small town Texas and the Ms. Summers makes you feel like you are right there in the ranch with Maverick and his family. The characters were relatable and although certain things from the story seemed to move a bit fast and felt unresolved at times it kept you wanting to read to find out how it was all going to end. 

Maverick is the eldest son. His father has passed on and although he feels like he is half the man his father was, he is the one that is now the head of household and in charge of all the ranch affairs. He was left at the altar by Bailey, the love of his life and feels that betrayal deeply. 

Bailey comes back to town after leaving Maverick at the altar but when she returns she is not the same girl that left. Now she has returned with a daughter, to give her a better life. She knows she has made some huge mistakes but she wanted to pursue her dreams and being young and naive she fell for a bogus deal and left town. 

I did love the characters but at times I felt like I understood why Bailey left. Now mind you I do not agree with how she went about it but she was young and naive. She had not realized any of the dreams she had for herself. She should of definitely talked to Maverick about it instead of leaving him behind because I think he would of understood. Instead she fell deep into a toxic relationship where she was not only trying to realize her dream but trying to please Daniel her "agent". (insert eye roll) You will understand the eye roll when you read the story. He is something else. 

I also feel like the rekindling of their relationship moved a bit too quick, making Maverick seem a bit immature when disagreements arise between him and Bailey and him and his family. He wants her to change but is not truly trusting that she will. He wants help with the ranch but doesn't give his brothers a chance. However things do turn out for the best. 

I must say I am a sucker of children in stories and Gracie steals your heart in this one!! The relationship between her and Maverick is sweet.  This is an enjoyable read and I am looking forward to reading the next installment and find out what happens to the next brother in the family!

My Rating: 3 Stars/ Liked it

Favorite Quote: That's why God lets us do some of the things we do. And then when we come back to Him, he helps us make it right. His Grace is everything. He already bore all these burdens you're carrying. 

( I received a copy of this book as part of the Just Read Tour. I was not required to post a positive review. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.)

Also available through Kindle Unlimited

Sophia Summers is an award winning author who just wants to relax a little and enjoy a great beach read. She lives in a quiet southern town brimming with an extra dose of hospitality and a whole lot of charm.

She writes historical romance under a different name. The Billionaire Royals is her first contemporary romance series.

For more information on her books or to sign up for her newsletter visit her website: http://www.sophiasummers.com

A Nurse for Jacob by Caryl McAdoo

Book:  A Nurse for Jacob
Author: Caryl McAdoo
Genre:  Christian Historical Romance
Release Date: July 2, 2020

Physician heal thyself

While physical wounds heal with time, a special balm is needed to heal those sick of soul. In the Civil War aftermath, two such people’s paths cross. Recent graduate of the Harrow School of Nursing first class in May 1868, Lydia Andrews arrives at the Touro Infirmary in New Orleans, hired on Clara Barton’s endorsement. There she meets Doctor Jacob Johnston, and both soon learn that love is the salve to soothe wounded souls.

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This was a sweet novella and a quick read. Right from the start of the story there is action as we meet Lydia Andrews who is a new nurse in the Touro Hospital in New Orleans. She is a highly skilled nurse who has helped in Lee's Army and comes highly recommended by Clara Barton. She immediately sets to work by delivering a baby which according to the head nurse is not something that the nurses do. Because of this she is immediately noticed by one of the doctors. 

Doctor Jacob Johnston is impressed by Lydia and make sure she is stationed in his floor to help out in different procedures. He is very much taken with her not only with her nurse skills but she as a woman. He is not without secrets or struggles. He has a past of addiction to alcohol and morphine. He feels like Lydia could be his light out of the darkness and begins a courtship with her. 

You can tell that Lydia's character has not had a previous relationship or many male friendships. She is a bit oblivious to the fact that Jacob has a problem and even when her nurse co-worker warns her regarding Jacob's characters and flaws she doesn't quite believe it. He does come clean and she does forgive him but I felt like the book just moved a bit too quick for me. Even though Lydia mentions her mother's prayers and mentions the Bible, I feel like faith was not widely demonstrated. 

This was my first book by Caryl MacAdoo and I've heard wonderful things about her writing so I was excited to read this book. I thought it was good but I am looking forward to reading something else by her, perhaps that is a bit longer and not so much a novella like book. Overall I think she did an amazing job at maintaining the historical aspect of the story and it is a quick read so if you don't have a lot of time on your hands this is the perfect read. 

My Rating: 3 Stars/ I Liked it. 

( I received a copy of this book as part of Celebrate Lit Book Tour. I was not required to post a positive review. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.)

About the  Author

Award-winning author Caryl McAdoo prays her story brings God glory, and her best-selling stories—over fifty published—delight Christian readers around the world. The prolific writer also enjoys singing the new songs the Lord gives her; you may listen at YouTube. Sharing four children and nineteen grandsugars with Ron, her high-school-sweetheart-husband of over fifty years, she lives in the woods south of Clarksville, seat of Red River County in far Northeast Texas. The McAdoos wait expectantly for God to open the next door.

More from Caryl

From the get-go, the idea about writing a story with a nurse heroine intrigued me; I haven’t had one before. My niece is a nurse and I have several friends and readers who serve. I believe nursing is a divine calling and admire the many who choose to be a medical servant.
The connection in the multi-author Nursing the Heart Collection is that the first class of nurses recently graduated from the Harrows’s School of Nursing are placed across the country through the friends and acquaintances of Clara Barton, who teaches at the school.
So I joined the project and started my research of medical practices in the post-Civil War years. It was a time where many medical breakthroughs occurred, and older instruments were greatly improved. I so enjoyed learning how healthcare practices have changed.
I think you’ll enjoy all that to as an integral part of this historical romance. This Texas author hopes readers will love my two medical servants, Lydia Andrews and the older Doctor Jacob Johnston, and I’m always “Praying my story gives God glory!”

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First Line Friday - The Christmas Visitor


Happy Friday!!

How is everyone doing?! Who is ready for Fall?! I am so ready for Fall weather and Fall decorating!! I keep seeing and buying (shh...don't tell the hubby) fall decorations for the house. The Target spot is a weakness and they have started putting their stuff out!! 😍 Anyways it's another First Line Friday hosted by Hoarding Books. I just uploaded this lovely book by Amy Grochowski and I can't wait to dig in. Its a novella so it will be short but still! If you are into Amish stories her debut book Forever Home, I thought was amazing! You can find my review for that one here 👉(Forever Home). 

My First Line

"After a long trek to the veterinarian's office, Mattie Beller was out of breath before she managed to push her scooter halfway up the steep hill to Annandale Farm."

Your turn! Grab the book closest to you and 
drop the first line in the comments!

A Life Once Dreamed by Rachel Fordham

Author: Rachel Fordham
Genre: Historical Christian Romance
Publisher: Revell
Release Date: August 4, 2020

Six years ago, a shocking secret sent Agnes Pratt running in search of a new start. She found it in Penance, a rugged town of miners and lumberjacks in the Dakota Territory, where she became Miss Aggie, respected schoolteacher and confirmed old maid. But the past has a way of catching up with people.

When childhood friend and former sweetheart James Harris accepts a position as the town doctor, Aggie's pleasantly predictable days suddenly become anything but. James wants to know why Agnes left behind the life they had dreamed of creating for themselves--but he is the one person who can never know.

In the shadows of the Black Hills, can a healing light be shed on the past? Or will the secret Agnes can't seem to outrun destroy her chance at happiness?

Fan-favorite Rachel Fordham brings to life the dusty streets of an 1880s frontier town in this story that affirms where you come from matters far less than where you're going.


Oh wow!! This book is going as one of my favorites this year!! This was my first by Rachel Fordham and now I must own all of them and she needs to write more. The characters are so relatable and she transports you to the town of Penance and you feel like you are there and part of these people's lives. 

I really loved Agnes Pratt who leaves her life in New York and the love of her life to become a teacher in the Dakota territory. She does this to protect her intended from being held back because of something she finds out about herself. She makes a life for herself in Penance and perfectly content in being a teacher and denies herself from having any relationships that would end up in marriage as she is not interested in that. She really blossomed from a shy socialite to an outspoken woman who holds back nothing and tries to help everyone. 

James loves Aggie and can't quite understand why she ever left him without an explanation. He becomes a doctor and answers the ad to become the doctor in Penance. He is not only wanting to pursue his career but really he is there looking for Aggie. 

I love the banter and relationship between Agnes and James! You can tell right away that she is completely in love with him and that he is absolutely smitten with him. The way he teases her is endearing and so sweet. At times it really makes you chuckle. He knows her so very well but he is hurt that she won't confide in him on why she left. 

I definitely don't want to spoil the book for you because you really should go and get it but this book deals with the topic of illegitimate children and I thought it was so well done. It truly touches at your heartstrings. I know that stigma is not as prevalent as it was back then but I think as with anything there is still that look we as humans tend to give to the fatherless/motherless and as Christians we need to do a better job at taking care of those that are. Whether its through adoption, fostering or even adopting that family unit as part of yours... its definitely something we should pray and keep in our hearts as a way to help. This story just hit my heart and spoke to me. 

The only sad part for me was that there was an epilogue because it closed out the story but I am a greedy reader and I want more! I want to know what happens to some of the other characters like Sam and know more about Hannah, Minnie and overall the whole town of Penance! 

My Rating: 5 Stars/Loved it, touched my soul!

Favorite Quote: "Life is not a cruel joke. There's purpose to it. I believe it. Even the pain has purpose and there's joy to be had." ~ Hannah

(I received a copy of this book through the Revell Readers Blogger program. I was not required to post a positive review. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.)

(affiliate links)
Rachel Fordham has long been fascinated by all things historical or in the words of her children "old stuff". Often the historical trivia she discovers is woven into her children's bedtime tales. Despite her love of good stories she didn't attempt writing a novel until her husband challenged her to do so (and now she's so glad he did). Since that time she's often been found typing or researching while her youngest child naps of frantically writing plot twists while she waits in the school pick-up line. In addition to her passion for storytelling she enjoys reading, being outdoors and seeing new places. Rachel lives with her husband and children on an island in Washington state. Learn more about current projects at rachelfordham.com

Above the Fold by Rachel Scott McDaniel

Author: Rachel Scott McDaniel
Genre: Historical Fiction, Christian Romance
Publisher: Smitten Historical Romance
Release Date: December 3, 2019

After losing the love of her life to a big city journalism job, Elissa Tillman pours herself into the suffragette movement and her secretarial work helping keep her father’s Pittsburgh newspaper afloat.

Cole Parker returns to the steel city with the phantom failures of his past nipping his heels. All he asks of the future is a second chance with the woman he once spurned.

The murder of a millionaire offers the perfect chance for Elissa to prove to her father and the world that she’s a serious journalist. But there’s a catch—she has to compete for the story. Against none other than Cole Parker, the very man who shattered her heart.

What a great debut novel and I must say I need more from Rachel Scott McDaniel!! I really hope that she is in the process of writing another great story.

Above the Fold takes you back to the 1920's! I could definitely feel a His Girl Friday type vibe and I completely loved it! Cole and Elissa are great main characters with hurts that only God can heal and as He does their love for each other gets reinstated so to speak. This story truly captivates you and it has a little bit of everything in it. Love, intrigue, mystery and even that character you want to slap upside the head.

I don't want to give any spoilers because you really need to read if for yourself. The only negative thing for me was there wasn't a resolve for me regarding the characters of Sophie and Sterling so I am hoping that her next book will be a part two of this one and will let us know what happened with them!

My Rating: 4 Stars/ Really Liked it!

Favorite Quote: "Scars may be present." He glanced at his knuckle. "But it's how we view them which makes the difference. They can be a reminder of defeat, or that our failures weren't bigger than our God."

(I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book which I read on Kindle Unlimited. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.)

(Affiliate Links)

Rachel Scott McDaniel is an award-winning author of historical romance. Winner of the ACFW Genesis Award and the RWA Touched By Love award, Rachel infuses faith and heart into each story. She currently enjoys life in Ohio with her husband and two kids. Rachel can be found online at www.RachelScottMcDaniel.com and on all social media platforms.

Top Ten Tuesday - Top 5 Books I Would Love to see as Movies!

Happy Tuesday!!

I hope everyone is having a lovely day! I spent my morning at the dentist getting a cavity fixed and I am not going to lie I am in pain and it hurts to eat so I am also very hungry. I managed to eat 2 chicken nuggets from Chick-Fil-A (which is sad because I love those..) and lots of lemonade and water. It should not hurt this much but I also have TMJ and keeping my jaw open for that long is "no bueno"... I foresee some compresses before bedtime and some oatmeal for my hungry tummy.

Anyways, I almost thought about skipping this week's Top Ten Tuesday as sometimes I feel like the prompts are hard to do with the genre that I am used to reading. But I thought I would go out on a limb and try it. Although I am changing it a bit. The prompt today for Top Ten Tuesday hosted by the Artsy Reader Girl is Top Ten Book Series That Should Be Adapted into Netflix shows. Since I don't tend to watch many series on Netflix because sometimes they end up being horrendous, I decided to do Top 5 Christian Fiction Books I would love to see made into a movie! 

So here it goes:

This story is SO good!! And Charlie is just swoon worthy!! If you haven't read it you totally should!

                             If you love time slip novels then this one is so good. Its part of a somewhat series...the characters don't follow each other but you do see some of them throughout the Wedding Collection! This would be a great movie!!

This is a great dual time novel plus it has mystery and suspense and you cannot go wrong with that especially in a movie!

I love time period type movies and shows so this would be the perfect one to see in a movie. Especially since it was my first book by her!

I got my wish with this one already since it will be a movie releasing next year! This story is inspired by the book of Hosea in the Bible. It is truly an amazing book!

(Affiliate Links)

What about you? What books would you want to see on the big screen? Let me know in the comments!!


Monday Musings ~ Homeschool Room Renovation


Happy Monday and welcome to Monday Musings!

This is the one day I week I tend to stray away from books and just talk about my musings! I have mentioned a few Mondays ago about renovating our homeschool room. Since we started homeschooling we have lived in 5 houses (job moves) and this is the only house we have lived in that I can actually shut the door behind me when we are done or while we are in there to keep the noise controlled!

This is our second summer in this house and when we moved I had to start school right away because my kids thrive in schedule and structure and we didn't have that during the move. Hence why we homeschool year round and we take short breaks when needed. So this past month I decided it was time to take a break and just redo the whole room. 

As you can see the room was in desperate need of organization! As much as I loved the single desks my older boys were outgrowing them. It's not a huge room so it felt so crowded in there and as you can see our bookshelves were overflowing with stuff. SO much furniture in there!! LOL 😄 It's what happens when you are a former teacher and a book lover. So I enlisted the help of the hubby and we painted the walls. We desperately needed some color in there. 

I'm so  happy with the turn out! No more clutter. The walls look so much warmer. De-cluttering and getting rid of stuff was great. I sold all the smaller desks and got rid of furniture that we didn't need in there. I took my desk and my hubby's desk he was using for work (no worries he got a new one!) and we combined them to make a huge table. It works great since this year all the kids will be homeschooling (let's not mention my baby is now in Kindergarten 😢)  This way I will be able to work with all of them together. The desks are from IKEA and so are the chairs. 

The bookshelf I put upright and have all our baskets with picture books by season and chapter books as well. The colorful baskets hold my kiddos individual curriculum books. That way they can grab their basket and bring it to the table to work in. So where did I put the rest of the things? If you notice the last picture that's where all the things went. I took over the coat closet and took an extra garage shelf we had and placed it in there with all of our items (craft supplies, puzzles, paper, etc..) and put it all in there nice and tidy! I am super excited about our space and the kids are too! They are getting excited about starting school back up and so am I! But I am still working on lesson plans so we won't start back up until August 31!

Oh I almost forgot I also needed a little space of my own since I sell Origami Owl jewelry... I had gotten this secretary desk last spring on Facebook Marketplace and  put it on the side burner along with the other many other projects in my life. But I finally decided to give it the makeover it needed and I put it in the classroom! Now I have my own little workspace too! 
Not too shabby for my first staining project! 

We are super excited to start back but I must say if you are reading this and you are first time homeschooler don't get discouraged if you don't have a set place for homeschooling. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE A ROOM JUST FOR HOMESCHOOLING!! When we started homeschooling everything was done at the kitchen table. So it is very doable to do school anywhere!

If you have any questions let me know! 

Season of Hope by Carol James

Season of Hope
Author: Carol James
Genre:  20th Century Christian Historical Romance
Release Date:  July 19, 2020

Hope Stockton’s life is dead, frozen in a winter of guilt, deceit, and fear. When a handsome young pastor, Josh Lewis, comes to serve in her church, she wonders if she can trust him with her past. Will he be able to help her find the answers to the questions that have been buried in her heart for years? Or will his own secrets drive them apart and prevent him from helping Hope find her spring of forgiveness?

Set in small town Texas in the years during and following the Vietnam war, Seasons of Hope is a story of forgiveness and restoration.

Click here to get your copy!

This was my first book by author Carol James and I must say she will definitely be added to my list of go-to authors. This book was so good. This story was emotional. Tissues nearby came in handy in some sections for me. The themes of faith, redemption and forgiveness are evident in this story which made it all the better for me. From the prologue the story captivates you and makes you want to know more about it. The characters were heartfelt and relatable. 

We immediately meet Hope who is a single mother with a little boy named Mattie. She is scared to get close to anyone. She has a past she doesn't want people to find out about especially Josh. She is also a broken woman. She feels like God's grace cannot possibly extend to her after her the sins she has committed. She believes that God is possibly punishing her and that's the reason why her first love and her parents were taken from her. 
Josh is the new pastor in town. He comes from a well off family but is not without his faults, or regrets. 

Josh and Hope meet for the first time but she doesn't realize that he is the new pastor. She is skittish around him and takes her a long time to get comfortable being around him. Her preconceived ideas about him and his life are revealed and she allows herself to open up to him and open her heart once again to the possibility of something more. Circumstances, (that I will definitely not reveal as I don't want to spoil it for you) brings them together in a beautiful way. 

God really had to bring Hope to a place where she could do nothing else but realize that He is the one in complete control. There are other characters as well that we see in the story that you enjoy seeing like Aunt Dee and Ms. Cora. Josh's parents also play an integral part in the story and it was beautiful to read how that relationship was restored. 

Overall this book was a great read and I can't wait to read another from this author. 

My Rating: 4 Stars/ Really Liked it.

Favorite Quotes:

"He didn't know exactly what his future held, but he knew the One who held it."

"We live in a fallen world, and bad things happen to good people."

"Forgiveness is not a reward that's earned, but a gift that's given."

(I received a copy of this book as part of the Celebrate Lit Book Tour. I was not required to post a positive review. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.)

About the Author

Carol James is an author of inspirational fiction. She lives in a small town outside of Atlanta, Georgia with her husband, Jim, and a perky Jack Russell “Terrorist,” Zoe.
Having always loved intriguing stories with happy endings, she was moved to begin writing to encourage others as she’d been encouraged by the works of other authors of inspirational fiction.
Her debut novel, Rescuing Faith, has been a number one best seller on Amazon.
Carol enjoys spending time with her husband, children, and grandchildren, traveling with friends, and serving in the production department at her church. And most days, in the late hours of the night or the wee hours of the morning, she can be found bringing her newest novel to life.

More from Carol

Overcoming the Darkness
The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. John 1:5

I’ve read or heard this verse hundreds, maybe thousands, of times. But I remember exactly the moment I truly understood the picture it paints.

I sat in church one Sunday morning. For weeks, I’d been elbow-deep in crafting a manuscript set in the years following the Vietnam war. The title was Season of Hope.

In the squeaky voice our congregation loved, Pastor Buddy read this scripture and then asked a simple question. “Have you ever thought that light always overcomes darkness?”

Of course I’d thought that. I knew The Light was Jesus. I knew through His perfect sacrifice, He overcame the darkness of sin and death to give us life and light.

But then, in his folksy manner that would sneak up on you and drop the truth right in your lap, Buddy’s sermon began to paint a poignant illustration.

You can walk into a dark room with any amount of light, no matter how small—a candle flame, a flashlight beam, or even the illumination from the face of your phone—and the light will always…always…invade the darkness.

But the opposite is never true. No matter how great the darkness and how small the light, darkness never prevails. Never overcomes the light.

And what little you manage to see in the darkness is distorted, not an accurate representation of reality. Because darkness hides reality. It shows us only colorless, indistinct imitations. Light, however, shows us beauty and truth.

Simple, right? Maybe. But like so many truths in the Bible, the idea is rich and full of meaning when you meditate on it.

When I left church that day, I knew my heroine’s battle was to be a clash between light and darkness, truth and lies.

In Season of Hope, Hope Stockton’s heart is frozen in the dark winter of her past. She’s spent so many years hiding her failures and fears from the light of truth, she questions whether her heart will ever feel the warmth of spring again.

Then she meets Josh Lewis, and she wonders, can she entrust him with the dark secrets that have been buried in her heart all these years?

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