Monday Musings - Hello August & July Wrap-Up

August 3, 2020

Happy Monday Friends!

Boy I am so exhausted today! It has been raining and we are in the process of preparing for a storm. Tropical Storm/ Hurricane Isaias is on the way to the Carolinas. (We are in NC) Well I say preparing but that's not completely true. We pulled the outdoor furniture into the garage, that was the extent of our preparations. We are fully stocked on food should the power go out but other than that there is not much else to do. Some people panic... we are definitely not those type of people. 

Anyways I know I was supposed to show photos of finished school room today but it is not finished as I thought it would be... I am 89% done with it. I have some finishing touches and one more piece of furniture that needs to be painted but alas all this rain has put a halt on that so hopefully I can get that done soon. 

In the meantime let's celebrate the beginning of a new month! It's August!! Yikes, months are just flying by! It's time to get all the school supplies and for some begin school... I know my nieces and nephew started today! Needless to say that after being at home since March there was much rejoicing happening. LOL! 

Reading wise July was a pretty good month! I read 11 books and that's not bad at all for me. I
got some finished that have to be reviewed for this month so I am ahead of the game! I do love when you set a goal and surpass it. I know some people don't set goals in their reading, they find it constricting and like it becomes a chore but for me its the opposite. If I don't set a goal I would never take time out for just me to read. I would spend my time folding laundry and trying to get the house perfect; a feat that is definitely unobtainable in house full of children! So a goal definitely helps me and I thoroughly enjoy writing reviews afterwards!

What about you? What are you looking forward in August? How was your July Book Wrap-Up? Let me know in the comments below! 

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