Glimpses of God: A Summer Devotional for Women by Shirley Crowder & Harriet E. Michael

Glimpses of God: A Summer Devotional for Women
Author: Shirley Crowder & Harriet Michael
Genre:  Devotional
Release Date: April 29, 2020

Creator God made the world in which we live. He placed the moon and stars in the sky, the rivers and ocean on the earth. He also created seasons throughout the year. Each season is defined by specific features/attributes that are common although the degree varies depending on where a person lives. In winter we think of cold weather; in spring, blooming flowers; in summer, warm weather; and in the fall, beautifully colored leaves.

As Christ-followers we also experience spiritual seasons. These seasons do not come in order like seasons in nature, which come regularly without fail. Each spiritual season we experience is defined by certain features also. In spiritual winter we think of the coldness of our relationship with God; in spring, new

This devotional is focused on summer—both calendar and spiritual. Our spiritual summer is a time of growth, hard work, and relaxation as we nurture and care for the new things that were planted in our spiritual spring and allow them to ripen or mature.

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I don't think I have ever read a devotion specific to a season but I must say that it was a nice, refreshing, summer devotional. It was written so personal that you felt like these women were right in your living room having a cup of coffee with you as you conversed about God. Although there are two different authors, honestly you would have not have been able to tell as their style of writing definitely are similar and compliment each other. 

Things I tend to look for in a devotional book is not only key Bible verse, because I like to use those for those in my journal as reinforcement of what I am learning about but I also like when they give and actual passage to study from. This book did that and more. I really enjoyed that after they give you where the Bible passage, the authors gave you a personal story that relates to that particular passage, so its easy to read and it would be great for a new Christian to follow as well and relate to it. They also guide you in prayer which I think its great to start you off in the right direction for your prayer time and best of all for me about this devotion book is the Thought of the Day. Just when you think you are done with the devotion they give you a little bit more to chew on and think about throughout the day. 

I would definitely recommend this to all the women in my life, especially those newer to the faith.

My Rating: 4 Stars/ Really Liked it.

(I received a copy of this book as part of the Celebrate Lit Tour. I was not required to post a positive review. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.)

About the  Authors

Shirley Crowder was born in a mission guest house under the shade of a mango tree in Nigeria, West Africa, where her parents served as missionaries. She and co-author Harriet E. Michael grew up together on the mission field and have been life-long friends. Shirley is passionate about disciple-making, which is manifested in and through a myriad of ministry opportunities: biblical counseling, teaching Bible studies, writing, and music.
She is a biblical counselor and is commissioned by and serves on the national Advisory Team for The Addiction Connection. She is an award-winning writer who has had several of her articles appear in “Paper Pulpit” in the Faith section of The Gadsden Times, and in a David C. Cook publication. She also writes articles for Life Bible Study, Woman’s Missionary Union, The Addiction Connection and Inspired Prompt. She has authored, co-authored, or contributed to eight books.
Shirley has spiritual children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren serving the Lord in various ministry and secular positions throughout the world.

Harriet E. Michael was born in Joinkrama, Nigeria, deep in the African jungle in the Niger River delta, where her father served as the only missionary doctor at that station. A few years later, the mission moved the family to a larger hospital in Ogbomoso. Co-author Shirley Crowder and her family lived right across the dirt road. The two children became constant playmates. Today they continue to enjoy their lifelong friendship.
Harriet is a multi-published, award-winning writer and speaker. She has authored or co-authored seven books (six nonfiction and one novel) with several more under contract for future release. She is also a prolific freelance writer, having penned over 200 articles, devotions, and stories. Her work has appeared in publications by Focus on the Family, David C. Cook, Lifeway, Standard Publishing, Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Upper Room, Judson Press, Bethany House, and more. When not writing, she loves speaking to women’s groups and teaching workshops on freelance writing.
She and her husband of more than 40 years have four children and two grandchildren. When not writing, she enjoys substituting at a Christian school near her home, gardening, cooking, and traveling.

More from Shirley

In the same way that nature’s seasons serve a purpose on earth, so do the seasons in our spiritual lives. God provides, cares for, and sustains the earth, and in His faithfulness, He does the same for us. Our responsibility is to be obedient to God’s commands in the Bible and to cling to the truth that God is in control.
Our “Glimpses of God” series consist of:
  • Glimpses of God: a winter devotional for women
  • Glimpses of God: a summer devotional for women
  • Glimpses of God: a spring devotional for women (due out in early 2021)
  • Glimpses of God: an autumn devotional for women (due out in late summer 2021)
We pray that as readers meditate upon the Bible passages and truths in each devotional, they will catch glimpses of God in and through everything around them.
How has He provided for you? How is He protecting you? How is He teaching you?

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Heart of a Warrior by Angela K. Couch

Author: Angela K. Couch
Genre: Historical Christian Romance
Publisher: Prism Lux
Release Date: August 13, 2020

The Man She Fears Is Her Only Chance For Survival . . .

All Christina Astle wants is to reach Oregon before her baby is born, but the wagon train is attacked, and her husband killed, stranding her in a mountain labyrinth. Raised in the East, within civilization’s embrace, survival is not a skill she’s learned. Neither is evading the lone warrior dogging her trail.

Disgusted by the greed and cruelty of men like his white father, Towan has turned to the simpler existence of his mother’s tribal people. He is not prepared for the fiery woman who threatens to upturn his entire life … and his heart.


This was my first book by Angela Couch and it was spectacular! One of those stories I could not put down and finished it in a day and a half. I must admit that I am one of those people that get suckered into a book by the cover, despite telling myself "never judge a book by its cover" and sadly I did with this one and I'm so embarrassed about that because after all that's what this book is all about. For me judgement and biased opinions is the theme of this book. Don't get me wrong there is plenty of romance but it comes slowly.

The story is set on the Oregon Trail and right away we meet our main characters Christina and Towan. They are definitely two very different people from different walks of life but they thrown together in a journey like none other. One in which they must set aside prejudices and trust each other. 

I must admit that there were times where Christina drove me a little crazy and I found her immature in some of the things she was doing especially towards Towan. I mean here is helping this stranger and making sure she and her child are out of harms way and she complains and seems ungrateful at times. But I know that's exactly how the author wants you to feel which always makes me feel great because to me that is the mark of great writing! When the author gets you that involved in the story you know its going to be great!

You do change your mind about her later on in the story and come to appreciate her a lot more, even though for me I felt more for Towan that anything. He has a heart of gold and is not only completely in love with this woman and her child but he is a hurting soul. He doesn't want to repeat the mistakes of his father and strives to make sure he is not like him throughout the story. 

I don't want to give too much away because you definitely should read this story and I don't want to spoil it for you!! It was so good!! It truly has everything, action, suspense, love... all my emotions were touched even some tears were shed. I definitely recommend you pick this one up if you enjoy historical christian romance! 

My Rating: 5 stars / Absolutely loved it! (could not put it down!)

Favorite Quotes: 

"There is only one God. Only understanding Him differs. Knowledge about Him. Where knowledge lacks, men form opinions, some true, some false. I believe the Bible contains a near personal account of God's works, yes" ~ Towan speaking to Christina about the Bible.

(I received this book from the author through the Pelican Book Group. I was not required to post a positive review. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.)

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Fascinated by history and in love with creating fiction, Angela K Couch has been lost in writing novels most of her life. As a passionate believer in Christ, she can't help her faith from permeating the stories she tells. Often her martial arts training, love of horses, and appreciation for good romance sneaks in there as well.

Top Ten Tuesday ~ Books I Loved But Never Reviewed

Happy Tuesday! 

It has been a busy week already! Today my little girl got her first haircut (she's 5) and I got so emotional. Her hair was so long that 4 inches looks like not much has been cut but it was a good amount of curly hair... she now has a taste of the salon and wants to go back! LOL! 
Anyways, today is Top Ten Tuesday hosted by the Artsy Reader. The prompt is Books I Loved but Never Reviewed. Being that I only started this blog this year there are a lot of books I have read that I have not reviewed on the blog yet! Something I am trying to remedy! 😉

  1. Practically Married by Karin Beery
  2. Package Deal by Charissa Stastny
  3. The Thirteenth Chance by Amy Matayo
  4. The Cumberland Bride by Shannon McNear
  5. She Walks in Beauty by Siri Mitchell
  6. The Doctor's Lady by Jody Hedlund
  7. Meant to Be Mine by Becky Wade
  8. Then There Was You by Kara Isaac
  9. Someplace Familiar by Teresa Tsynger
  10. Lady and the Lionheart by Joanne Bischof

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Trails & Targets by Kelly Eileen Hake

Author: Kelly Eileen Hake
Series: Dangerous Darlyns, Book 1
Genre: Christian Romance
Publisher: Shiloh Run Press
Release Date: November 1, 2014

After their father’s death, the four Darlyn sisters discover the family farm is mortgaged to the hilt. With an unscrupulous creditor proposing indecent solutions to their uncertain future, the girls leave their childhood home—and childhood itself—behind. Soon a unexpected hero finds himself saddled with the slew of sisters and their surprising skills. But only one thing’s for sure: the sharpshooter named Beatrix hits the mark of his lonely heart. Plagued by past failures and forced to make their own way, find out what happens as the Dangerous Darlyns take to the road in Trails & Targets!


I really like Kelly Eileen Hake books but this one just started out very slow for me and it felt like at the beginning it was all over the place with the characters. I was a bit lost trying to keep up with each of them. At first I wasn't quite sure who the main character was. 
Now that being said it did get better towards the end but compared to her other book this definitely was not one that I would say I could not put down. It actually took me the longest to read this book. I can usually have a book done in less than two days and this book took me almost a week or so to read it. I was somewhat disappointed in this one. 

The main characters are actually Beatrice and Greyson. Their story is told in their different point of views which I don't mind in the stories I read. The sisters all have an odd skill set almost like a circus act. They are definitely an odd little family but they are close and stick together. The love story between Grey and Bea is sweet as he is completely smitten with her and it was fun to see their relationship develop.

The ending also did not truly resolve. I know that the author had plans to continue on this series but I am not sure if she is still writing. I would love to know what happens to the rest of the characters since they were all introduced in the story. 

My Rating: 3 Stars/ Liked it but felt there could be more.

(I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book which I purchased for my own collection. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.)

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Kelly Eileen Hake is a reader favorite of Barbour's Heartsong Presents series, where she has released several books. A credentialed Secondary English teacher in California, she is pursing her MA in Writing Popular Fiction. Known for her own style of witty, heartwarming historical romance, Kelly is currently writing the Prairie Promises trilogy, her first full-length novels. She has been writing since she could hold a pen and was first published at the tender age of eighteen

Dust by Kara Swanson

Authors: Kara Swanson
Series: Heirs of Neverland, Book 1
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Release Date: July 21, 2020

The truth about Neverland is far more dangerous than a fairy tale Claire Kenton believes the world is too dark for magic to be real—since her twin brother was stolen away as a child. Now Claire’s desperate search points to London…and a boy who shouldn’t exist. Peter Pan is having a beastly time getting back to Neverland. Grounded in London and hunted by his own Lost Boys, Peter searches for the last hope of restoring his crumbling island: a lass with magic in her veins. The girl who fears her own destiny is on a collision course with the boy who never wanted to grow up. The truth behind this fairy tale is about to unravel everything Claire thought she knew about Peter Pan—and herself.

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First of all let's gawk at this beautiful cover!! I love to appreciate a beautiful cover don't you? This one just takes you back to memories of childhood stories and beautiful fantasy reads but this is definitely not the typical Peter Pan story that we are used to reading or watching in movies. While we still see characters like Hook (James Hocken), the lost boys and Tiger Lily This takes a different outlook on our beloved Peter Pan and we see him basically years after he has encountered Wendy and he is put into our timeline. It is a perfect blend of the real world and make-believe. 

The story revolves around Claire and the search for her brother Connor who has been kidnapped. Claire is an orphan who sees herself as broken and  not wanted. She struggles with who she is and what her purpose is. We see this throughout the book and the story and your heart simply breaks for her. She is so relatable that at times I could feel her pain. Her growth throughout the story is beautiful and powerful. 

Peter is definitely not portrayed here as the imaginative, whimsical being we are used to in stories. He is in London trying to find his way back to Neverland. He is in search for the one person who he believes can set Neverland back to order. 

I loved, loved the way that Peter and Claire interact with each other. The way their relationship evolves is beautiful and heartbreaking all at the same time. 

The content was clean and at times can get a bit dark but not overly so. There is a mention of a possible attempt of suicide but nothing that goes into detail but if that's a trigger for you be aware. There is fighting and some references to someone burning but nothing gruesome. The spiritual themes in this book are beautiful and although it doesn't reference God or redemption by name as a Christian you know that is what they are referring to. 

As her debut novel Swanson does a beautiful job with this story and it keeps you captivated and engaged THE WHOLE TIME!! I could not put it down. I had to know what came next! I will say that at the end she leaves you in a cliffhanger and yes I shouted in glee!! I love when books give you that feeling of wanting more and she definitely did that. So I cannot wait to read the next one and I am hoping and praying its sooner rather than later! 

I recommend this book to everyone not just young adults!! It truly is a magical book and I would love to tell you all the things about it but I don't want to spoil it!

My Rating: 5 Stars/ Loved it! It was amazing!

Favorite Quotes: There were SO many quotes I loved from this book but these are just some of my favorites:

"We all have our shadows to fight, but maybe that's so we can grow stronger."

"You were created for more than to bear the weight of your shadows -- but you have to choose to no longer let them define you. You have to choose to let the light shine through the shattered pieces."

"This caring for someone is not what I thought it would be. It's not losing who I am. It's finding my soul interwoven with another-- and chasing the stars together. And that might just be the greatest adventure of them all."

( I received this book from the author as part of the Celebrate Lit Tour. I was not required to post a positive review. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.)
As the daughter of missionaries, Kara Swanson spent her childhood running barefoot through the lush jungles of Papua New Guinea. Able to relate with characters dropped into a unique new world, she quickly fell in love with the fantasy genre. The award-winning author of The Girl Who Could See, Kara is passionate about crafting stories of light shattering darkness, connecting with readers, and becoming best friends with a mermaid—though not necessarily in that order. Kara chats about coffee, fairy tales and bookish things online (@karaswansonauthor) and at

I wrote Dust not just for those who grew up loving the original Peter Pan story — but especially for the children who were left behind. Those of us who never escaped through a window to a magical world, whose childhoods oftentimes felt a little shadowed.
Dust follows Peter Pan when he is cast out of Neverland, grounded in London. For the first time, this Peter has to start thinking about someone other than himself—and become a beacon to remind any Lost ones that there is still magic to be found.
Dust also follows a young woman named Claire who can create pixie dust, but is desperately afraid of herself because when her fears and insecurities leak out, her dust starts to burn. Claire has seen too many shadows to believe in fairytales anymore and is doing everything she can just to lock away the strange dust dripping from her fingertips. But when she meets Peter, he challenges everything she thought she knew.
I wrote Claire for those of us who may feel too weighted to even remember what it feels like to have hope lift your soul. Who can look at ourselves and all we see are our own shadows and shortcomings.
Throughout the course of the novel, Peter has to teach Claire how to see the spark of light inside herself that is far brighter than the darkness. As he helps this girl learn how to fly, Peter rediscovers what it is that truly makes him Peter Pan: the unquenchable childlike belief that there are weightless thoughts in all of us that can lift us out of the shadows.
This story is a love letter to anyone who has ever needed that reminder. We have value simply because we exist. We do not have to be weighed down by our shadows. There is still light that can lift our hearts if we have faith, trust…and a dash of the impossible.

To celebrate her tour, Kara is giving away the grand prize package of a Dust-themed bundle that includes a signed hardcover, bookmarks, character cards, Peter + Claire art print, and an exclusive Dust pin!!
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First Line Fridays ~ A Nurse for Jacob

Happy Friday Friends!! 

I have spend the day painting a secretary desk that I got off of Facebook Marketplace! I am excited to see what the results will be when I am done with it but boy am I tired! Its another First Line Friday hosted by Hoarding Books and today my first line is coming from A Nurse for Jacob by Caryl Macadoo.

My First Line:

"Lydia admired the two-story building from the corner of Gaienne and Old Levee Streets, strode up the walk, then stopped at the front of the Touro Infirmary and adjusted her cap."

Your turn! Grab the book closest to you and 

drop the first line in the comments! 

Start with Me by Kara Isaac

Author: Kara Isaac
Publisher: Bellbird Press
Genre: Contemporary Christian
Release Date: June 29, 2020

Lacey O’Connor is finally a sure thing for the promotion she’s spent ten years working for. But when a scandal rocks her firm she finds herself on a collision course with the one person she has spent five years trying to forget. Only to discover he doesn’t even remember her…

Victor Carlisle has spent the last three years trying to convince his family he’s no longer the playboy alcoholic who tore their life apart. When a company merger is announced with a US sister firm, he’s presented with the perfect opportunity to prove he’s changed. Only to find himself falling for his competition and the one woman his family will never accept.

As the competition intensifies the choice looms between the professional and the personal. Can they find a way beyond their past decisions and present aspirations to take a chance on the one thing they’re not looking for?


Although this book is not part of a series per say it definitely follows the book Can't Help Falling which is where we actually meet the main character of this book Victor. This definitely can be read as a stand alone like I did but I think reading the previous one would have definitely help me better understand the dynamics in Victor's family and Victor himself. He was obviously the bad boy in Can't Help Falling but in Start with Me he is a guy just trying to live right and seeking forgiveness and redemption. 

Victor is an alcoholic playboy redeemed by God's grace and I for one felt for him. He was truly a changed man and no one wanted to at least give him a chance. It just made me think of how we as Christians hold on to grudges and resentment when others, especially  those close to us hurt us but we can't seem to find it in our hearts and minds to let it go. 

We also meet Lacey who is trying to run away from the past and build a better future.She is ashamed of her small town roots and wants to make something out of herself. She is so focused on her advancing in her career she has no time for relationships. She has been hurt by the church before so the thought of even seeking God out is non-existent to her. 

The story between them truly is the perfect blend. Its not a fall in love right away which I found really interesting. There are some comical laugh out loud moments and some moments where your heart just aches for both of them. The author does an excellent job at tugging at all your emotions but in the end I found it to be a great happy ending. 

I really hope that Kara will continue the story with Lacey's friend Anna. I think it was set up nicely and I for one can't wait to read her story. 

My Rating: 4 Stars/I really enjoyed it

Favorite Quotes:

"Maybe its time to accept that some things are too much to forgive. Or that even if God forgives us, some people never will."

"Every single day, I have to choose to believe he has forgiven me. Even though I still haven't worked out how to forgive myself."

"I love you, and I'm in love with you. And I know I'm not worthy of you. But falling in love with you is the only worthwhile thing I've done in a long time."

(I received this book as part of the Just Read Books Tour. I was not required to post a positive review. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.)

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Kara Isaac lives in Wellington, New Zealand. When she's not chasing three hobbit-sized little people, she spends her time writing horribly bad first drafts and wishing you could get Double Stuf Oreos in New Zealand. She is the author of the RITA Award-winning Then There Was You, along with four other contemporary romances. She loves to connect with readers on Goodreads, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and through her website: