Undistracted by Bob Goff ~ Book Review

April 1, 2022

About the Book 

The world has never been more distracting—joy has never been more possible.

You live with a massive amount of distraction:

desperate headlines
smartphone scrolling
an endless to-do list
Not to mention the nagging questions of your heart:

Am I making the right decision?
Am I with the right person?
Will my past mistakes keep me from my best future?
Through the pithy and inspiring storytelling that has endeared him to millions, New York Times bestselling author Bob Goff invites you to laugh with more gusto, dream with more confidence, and love with more intention in this disarming call to live Undistracted.

Bob’s stories are like the rumble strips on the road that make you suddenly alert to how far you have drifted from your lane. From visiting friends in San Quentin to accidentally getting into a stalker’s car at the airport to establishing Uganda’s first space program, Bob shows you the way back to an audaciously attentive life.

Your undistracted life is an adventure waiting to happen. What stories will you live with undistracted purpose and unstoppable joy?

My Thoughts

I have enjoyed the times I have seen Bob Goff speak at different churches. He is so relatable, easy to understand and dare I say funny?! He definitely has a wit about him that is great and the way he relates to people and walks around with exuberance joy is truly contagious. This is what reading this book is like. It's like he is speaking directly to you. There are entertaining stories to remind you of what the focus is and definitely makes you think about things. 

No, the book is not teaching you anything new that you haven't heard before, however, Bob Goff's style is so unique that you definitely see things in a new way and in a new light. Lord knows there are plenty of distractions in this world but a reminder on who our focus is supposed to be on is always welcomed!

My Rating: 5 Stars/ Really Loved it!

I received a copy of this book through the publisher. I was not required to post a positive review. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.

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  1. This is on my TBR list! I recently finished Love Does by Bob Goff, it was the first of his I read and I LOVED it. Glad to hear this one is great too!