The Barabbas Legacy by M.D. House ~ Book Spotlight + Excerpt

April 8, 2022


About the Book

Book: The Barabbas Legacy
Author: M.D. House
Genre: Christian Historical Fiction
Publisher: Independent
Release Date: December 2021

In this poignant capstone to The Barabbas Trilogy, the man called Barabbas—infamous former thief, murderer and prisoner turned Christian—and his wife Chanah continue their mission of spreading the gospel across the known world as cauldrons of political and military chaos boil across the Roman Empire. 

Nero is increasingly erratic, and it’s only a matter of time before the sharp knives of imperial politics finish him off. Various successors vie for position. Who will strike first, and who will come out on top?

Meanwhile, the rebellion in Judea has intensified, the Jewish zealots exerting great influence over the minds of the people. General Vespasian and his son Titus aim to put a permanent end to the insurrection. How many lives will ultimately be sacrificed on the great altar of Jerusalem? Can the Jewish nation survive the fulfillment of Jesus’s prophecy? What will become of the Jewish Christians and the apostles and sisters who lead them? And where will Barabbas and his family find lasting peace?

The Barabbas Legacy once again brings the early years of the church into vivid detail, concluding the journey of those first saints who sacrificed everything to bring Christ’s message to the world.


From Chapter 11, the perspective of Marian, daughter of Barabbas and Chanah

“Fourteen today? Again?” Terisa, the amazingly gracious woman who, with her farmer husband Paerin, had kindly offered to give Marian a place to stay, admired the harvest gathered in Marian’s apron. She stared at Marian, shaking her head and smiling. “Those chickens really like you. They’ve never produced this much for me.”

Marian didn’t know quite what to say. “Oh, I don’t know. I think they’ve just had a couple of good days.”

Terisa clearly didn’t believe that. “Well, keep letting them see you a few times a day. The community could use the extra eggs. And we may have to increase the flock.” She winked, then turned to find a bowl in which to place the eggs. When she located one, Marian helped her unload, then smoothed her apron.

“Is there any mending I can do this morning? I’d start on some new children’s clothes, but I’m waiting on material.”

Terisa thought a moment. “No, I don’t think so. You can check with Catherine, though, when she gets back from visiting some farms a few miles north with her husband. You have time to do some writing. I know you enjoy it, and you’re good at it. I’ve already heard people talking about the stories you’ve completed. You have quite an imagination, grounded in faith.”

Marian lowered her eyes, embarrassed at the compliment. “I’m trying to follow my mother’s example. She inspired a lot of what I write. The apostle Paul, too.”

“I’d love to meet Paul,” said Terisa wistfully. “I doubt he’ll ever come here, but that’s okay. Apostles and sister leaders have visited before, and I’m sure more will in the future. We saw Joanna give a sermon once but didn’t get to talk to her. She was breathtaking. What a powerful woman she was … well, still is, on the other side now.”

Marian nodded agreement as she sat on a stool at their small table in the kitchen. Unsure of how Terisa would handle the revelation, she didn’t mention she had met Joanna, too. Terisa was preparing to make a stew, but Marian wouldn’t be much help at this point, as most everything was ready. It would simmer most of the day.

“Thank you for being so kind to me.”

Terisa looked up from the pot she was filling with ingredients. “You can quit thanking us so often. You’re a blessing. We’re happy to have you. And even if you want to wait a while to get married, that’s fine with us.”

Marian blushed. “It’s not that I don’t want to get married … well, maybe it is a little. I don’t know if I’m ready yet, and frankly, it frightens me to contemplate how I should go about finding a good husband.”

Terisa nodded knowingly. “Well, the really good ones are hard to find. I got lucky, I suppose. The Lord helped, too, I’m sure of that, even though we weren’t Christians yet. Just keep praying and doing good things. He’ll help you figure it out.” She started humming as she continued chopping up vegetables for the stew.

“Yes, I’m sure he will … but part of me wishes I knew the timing, while the other part is afraid to find out.”

Terisa gave her a kind smile. “Don’t overthink it. I know you writers tend to do that sometimes. Be happy, and let it come.” She winked, then turned back to humming and filling her pot.

“Thank you,” said Marian, rising. “You’ve just given me a couple of ideas. I need to write them down.”

Terisa laughed as Marian left the kitchen and headed for her room, where she had a small desk and a chair. Ink and parchment were a little harder to come by in Nazaretum than she was accustomed to, but she was making do. She sat down and began taking a few notes in tiny script. Overthinking things. She would write a story about a young woman who did that in humorously exaggerated ways … a young woman very much like herself.

About the Author

M.D. HOUSE is the author of The Barabbas Legacy, as well as the first two volumes in The Barabbas Trilogy, I Was Called Barabbas and Pillars of Barabbas. He also authored the science-fiction novel, Patriot Star. Before beginning his second career as a writer, he worked for twenty-five years in the world of corporate finance, strategic planning, and business development. Now, Michael lives in Utah with his wife, where he spends his time writing and enjoying his children and grandchildren. Learn more about Michael and his work at

Learn more about M.D. House and The Barabbas Legacy at The Barabbas Legacy is available on Amazon.

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