1% Better Reaching My Full Potential and How You Can Too by Christ Nikic and Nik Nikic

December 8, 2021

 About the Book 

What would life look like if you measured your success by improvements instead of victories? Nik Nikic shares the incredible story of his son Chris’s journey to become the first person with Down syndrome to ever complete an IRONMAN® triathlon, inspiring others to achieve their goals by getting 1 percent better every day.

From the moment Chris Nikic was born, his parents knew he could achieve anything he set his mind to do. So when he became involved in triathlons with the Special Olympics, his dad, Nik, took on the role of coach and encouraged Chris to aim even higher. Together, they set their sights on making history—Chris becoming the first person with Down syndrome to complete an IRONMAN® triathlon.

Written from Chris’s father’s perspective, Nik shares the 1% Better mindset that has helped Chris achieve many of his goals—and the underlying principles of the 1% Better system can help you pursue and achieve your dreams too! Through Chris and Nik’s story, learn the benefits of applying the model to your own life and discover how to:

  • Overcome the mental hurdles of pain
  • Stay motivated using three irrefutable laws of motivation
  • See failures as opportunities for improvement
  • Form a lifelong habit of success

You may never be the best. But you can be better than your best when you stop imposing self-limitations and begin the journey to reach your goals—one confident step at a time.

Publisher’s Note: 1% Better is written in Nik Nikic’s voice. Chris and his accomplishments are the focus of 1% Better, and Chris is a coauthor of the book as he was interviewed by his father and the writer.

My Thoughts

I was kind of dissappointed with this book. I thought I was going to hear the story of Chris and his accomplishments not only as Ironman but his life dealing with Down Syndrome but this book is told by his father and just goes through life of being a parent of a Down Syndrome child. While yes, that is interesting and some may want to know that it almost felt like he is trying to capitalize on his son and that was not cool with me. I actually ended up not finishing the story and hence why this review took so long to write as I wasn't sure what to even say.

My Rating: 3 Stars/ It was okay not what I expected. 

I received this book through Front Gate Media. I was not required to post a positive review. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.

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