The Apostle's Sister by Angela Hunt ~ Book Review

September 8, 2022


About the Book

Book: The Apostle's Sister
Author: Angela Hunt
Genre: Biblical Fiction
Series: Jerusalem Road Book, 4
Publisher: Bethany House
Release Date: June 7, 2022

Aya, daughter of Zebulon of Tarsus, does not want a traditional life. Because she has always lived in the shadow of her brilliant brother, she wants to use her gifts and be something more than a wife and mother. When her traditional father insists she marry Avidan, a Torah student, she reluctantly agrees, but when Avidan leaves for Jerusalem, she seizes an opportunity to fulfill her deepest yearning, realizing she may never have another chance to do so.

After moving to Jerusalem, she expects to be bored in her role as wife to a Torah student, but finds herself fascinated by her husband's studies. And when her brother Sha'ul makes a life-altering decision, she finds herself faced with a troubling question: How can she remain true to all she's been taught since infancy and still love her blasphemous brother?


My Thoughts 

This past year I have really gotten into the Biblical Fiction genre. Not knowing too much about the authors who write this beautiful genre I usually go by recommendations or they literally just drop into my mailbox for review! That is the case with this book. I have never read anything by this author bur really enjoyed her writing style. 

The one thing with Biblical Fiction that I enjoy the most is that it incorporates Bible but makes you think of the "what if's and what could've been"" I mean the people in the Bible were real and of course we don't know every single detail of their lives but man it is so interesting to wonder what could have been. This one introduces to Aya which is Paul's sister. She struggles with being her own person and questions why God gives her gifts when she is not able to use them. 

I really enjoyed the story, Aya did drive me a little nuts with what felt like whining. While I didn't connect with the characters I think the author did an excellent job at her research and filling her book with lots of amazing details that I never knew. 

Overall I thought the book was well written. Despite this being a series I didn't feel like I was missing anything while reading this book. 

My Rating: 3.5/It was good

I received a copy of this book from the publisher Bethany House. I was not required to post a positive review. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.

About the Author

Christy-Award winner Angela Hunt writes for readers who have learned to expect the unexpected in novels from this versatile author. With over five million copies of her books sold worldwide, she is the best-selling author of more than 150 works ranging from picture books (The Tale of Three Trees) to novels.

Now that her two children have reached their thirties, Angie and her husband live in Florida with Very Big Dogs (a direct result of watching Turner and Hooch and Sandlot too many times). This affinity for mastiffs has not been without its rewards--one of their dogs was featured on Live with Regis and Kelly as the second-largest canine in America. Their dog received this dubious honor after an all-expenses-paid trip to Manhattan for the dog and the Hunts, complete with VIP air travel and a stretch limo in which they toured New York City.

Afterward, the dog gave out pawtographs at the airport.

Angela admits to being fascinated by animals, medicine, psychology, unexplained phenomena, and “just about everything” except sports. Books, she says, have always shaped her life— in the fifth grade she learned how to flirt from reading Gone with the Wind.

Her books have won the coveted Christy Award, several Angel Awards from Excellence in Media, and the Gold and Silver Medallions from Foreword Magazine’s Book of the Year Award. In 2007, her novel The Note was featured as a Christmas movie on the Hallmark channel. Romantic Times Book Club presented her with a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2006.

In 2006, Angela completed her Master of Biblical Studies in Theology degree and completed her second doctorate in 2015. When she’s not home reading or writing, Angie often travels to teach writing workshops at schools and writers’ conferences. And to talk about her dogs, of course.

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