Runaway River by Kim D. Taylor ~ Book Review

December 23, 2020


Author: Kim D. Taylor
Series: Bitterroot Mountain Series, Book 1
Genre: Christian Historical Fiction
Publisher: Trilogy Christian Publishing
Release Date: October 6, 2020
Pages: 348

A time and place where men longed for a piece of God's green earth to call their own and women still dreamed of a home and a hand to hold. Beth Yates has lost everything and could lose much more if she doesn't escape her beloved city of Chicago and the dreadful memories it holds. Forced to run from a powerful tyrant determined to ruin her, she blames God and vows never to trust a man again. Ethan Dawson dreams of owning a horse ranch in the foothills of the stunning Bitterroot Mountains but is stuck building the dreams of Montana's Copper King, Marcus Daly. With time running out to make his dream a reality, Ethan refuses to let anything...or anyone stand in his way. Runaway River is a powerful story of God's perfect timing and complete care during difficult times. Ethan and Beth must realize that their setbacks, troubles, and trials are not sent from a distant God but that His great love and overwhelming kindness has gently carried them through it all.


This was a great debut novel for Kim Taylor! I was intrigued from the first line "The children were finally asleep. All fifty-six of them." With a line like that you have to find out what the story is all about and I am so glad that I did. This story definitely hits on a lot of emotions. I know I definitely felt the characters pain and joy making the characters very believable. Right away we meet Beth Yates and her siblings Michael and Maggie, who have lost their parents in a fire. Immediately you feel their loss as they not only have to come to terms with losing their parents but also losing their home.

We meet conniving Eli Sands, a Chicago banker, who intends to "help" Beth with her money situation and he does so by sending her to a brothel to "work". Little does she know what is about to happen. As she gets close to being assaulted they all flee to Montana to find a job. Beth is hurt emotionally, she is fearful of what may happen if she doesn't find a job and help her family. She feels like God has abandoned her and has no place for him in her life. 

We definitely meet a lot of great characters like Belle, Russ, Calamity Jane and Sadie. They all have different stories to tell and God working through them, help change the hearts of the Yates family each in their timing and unique ways. We also get to have love story between Ethan and Beth and although it didn't fully develop until closer to the end of the book the relationship between them was sweet. He had to come to the realization that he needed to gain her trust in order to pursue anything else. 

The author  leaves you in almost of a cliffhanger on the second to last chapter but then provides a sort of wrap-up (three months later) to part of this story. It left me with questions about certain characters! (I won't spoil it for you but still, I have questions!) I am sure all of those will be answered on the second book. Overall this was a good read with a great message on redemption, forgiveness and seeing God work in His way and timing. I think you will enjoy this read!

My Rating: 4 Stars/Really Liked it! Can't wait to see what happens next!

Reviewer's Note: This book also touches on prostitution, rape and physical abuse. There are a few scenes in particular that although not graphic or done distastefully may be triggers for some, so I want to make you aware of that. The author does a great job at being realistic in a very sensitive way. 

( I received this book from the author. I was not required to post a positive review. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.)

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Kim D. Taylor has almost made it to every state in the United States (five to go). As a former Miss Idaho and current resident of the great state of Washington, she has a particular love for the Pacific Northwest. However, it is the beauty of Montana that captivated her gaze and focus for her first historical fiction novel series in “The Mountains of Montana Collection.” 
Kim is also the founder of the online platform, “Environments – A wholistic approach to the home.” Twenty plus years in real estate, pastoral ministry, and small business have given Kim a deep understanding of people and a great appreciation for deep and dynamic character development. RUNAWAY RIVER is the first book of The Bitterroot Mountains Series in The Mountains of Montana Collection. The second book, Stubborn Creek, is right around the corner.
Gourmet cooking, table settings, and entertaining are at the top of Kim’s love-list, and she will always make time for a great cup of tea with family and friends. Find out more @

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