Fortune's Fall by Katherine Barger ~ Book Review

December 7, 2020


Author: Katharine Barger
Series: The Exiled Trilogy, Book 1
Genre: YA Christian Science Fiction
Publisher: Anaiah Press
Release Date: November 3, 2020
Pages: 280

While her classmates prepare for elite careers across America, Nyssa Ardelone trains for her secret job as the president’s dream interpreter. But when her mentor lies to the president about the prophecy in his latest dream, Nyssa must figure out why before the lie unravels. What she learns could destroy her own future.

Fearful of a rumored rebellion, the president has launched a gas attack on Nyssa’s hometown, and her mentor lied about the dream to protect the survivors from more harm. When Nyssa learns her parents were injured in the attack, she flees with a stranger sent to steal the antidote—a stranger who claims to know her.

Together, they race to deliver the cure as well as an interpretation of another prophetic dream only Nyssa can provide. But a devastating loss dulls her caution, and she learns too late that not everyone is trustworthy. To survive the president’s deadly pursuit, Nyssa must break every rule she’s ever followed, learning along the way that faith is the only thing that can save her.


I typically don't grab Dystopian/Science Fiction stories unless it grabs me and this one definitely did as soon as I read the blurb. It intrigued me and I wanted to know what was going to happen and what the author would do with the story and it did not disappoint. I am so glad I was able to read it. It gave me vibes of Hunger Games and Divergent which are series that I really enjoyed! This story is fast paced and filled with twists and turns that you can't put it down. I know I didn't want to and read it quite quickly! 

In this story we are immediately immersed into a new kind of America. An America in which churches and belief of God are a thing of history. An America in which people have no true freedom but live under the dictatorship of President Omri.  We meet Nyssa who is an orphan with no recollection of her past and no choice on who she becomes in the future. She has been secretly training to be a dream interpreter for President Omri. Her world is completely turned upside down when she learns that her family is still alive and that there is another part of the country ,which she thought was destroyed in the past, that the exiles are trying to return to so they can be free. 

The characters are engaging and believable. There are some that you will more than likely completely despise by the end of the story, I know I did but I will not divulge who they are, I don't want to spoil it for you. The male characters of the story are so great that I wanted them all for Nyssa however Cass was probably my favorite. Although there are no romantic involvements in this story I am strongly hoping something develops later on between Nyssa and Cass. (I can't help it I am a sucker for a little romance no matter the genre!)

I loved how the author brings forth the gospel in this book by using different characters and starts to open Nyssa's eyes on what having faith in God really means and learning to choose that over and over without hesitation.

Although this would be considered a Young Adult read, I recommend it to anyone who likes dystopian type stories. I really enjoyed it and I am now awaiting book 2 rather impatiently! 

My Thoughts ~ 5 Stars/ Really Liked it and can't wait for the next book!

Favorite Musings/Quotes:

"But belief in God is about faith. Being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we don't see."

"Maybe we can't see Him yet, but He sent someone to tell us about Him and show us the way to Him."

"That image of a lamb that binds together those of us who still believe. It's a symbol that we're not alone... It reminds us that Christ came as a lamb, that He died as a sacrifice for us so that we could come into the presence of God and then rose again as proof He is God."

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Katherine Barger writes stories about characters of faith in a world where faith is challenged. When she’s not wrangling kids alongside her forever-forbearing husband, she’s writing, eating Mexican food, or snuggling with her family’s two rescue pets: a dog named Queen Elsa and a cat named Princess Jasmine.

Katherine loves hearing from readers! You can contact her at, or on Facebook or Instagram.


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