First Line Friday ~ Fortune's Fall

December 4, 2020

 Happy Friday!!

I hope everyone had an amazing week and you are ready for the weekend! Who is already done decorating? I am pretty much done inside. The kids want to put some light outside so we may do that this weekend depending on the weather as we are supposed to get some rain. So we shall see! 

Anyways its another First Line Friday hosted by Hoarding Books and I am so happy! I missed out last week due to the holidays. It was crazy but super fun to be with family. So I am glad to be back into the routine! Today my first line is coming from Fortune's Fall by Katherine Barger. 

It's your turn! Grab the closest book to you and drop the first line in the comments!!

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  1. My first line comes from Linda Thompson’s new book: The Mulberry Leaf Whispers:
    Saturday April 18, 1942 Pacific Ocean off the coast of Japan
    Sub-Lieutenant Matsuura Akira paced the open bridge of Nitto Maru. He had drawn the watch, as usual.