Sunrise by Susan May Warren ~ Book Review

February 9, 2022


About the Book  

Book: Sunsrise
Author: Susan May Warren
Series: Sky King Ranch, Book 1
Genre: Contemporary Christian Romance
Release Date: January 4, 2021
Publisher: Revell

Pilot Dodge Kingston has always been the heir to Sky King Ranch. But after a terrible family fight, he left to become a para rescue jumper. A decade later, he's headed home to the destiny that awaits him.

That's not all that's waiting for Dodge. His childhood best friend and former flame, Echo Yazzie, is a true Alaskan--a homesteader, dogsledder, and research guide for the DNR. Most of all, she's living a life Dodge knows could get her killed. One of these days she's going to get lost in the woods again, and his worst fear is that he won't be there to find her.

When one of Echo's fellow researchers goes missing, Echo sets out to find her, despite a blizzard, a rogue grizzly haunting the woods, and the biting cold. Plus, there's more than just the regular dangers of the Alaskan forests stalking her . . .

Will Dodge be able to find her in time? And if he does, is there still room for him in her heart?

Sunrise is the first explosive volume in a new nail-biting series from USA Today bestselling author Susan May Warren.

My Thoughts 

I am so glad to be reading another Susan May Warren series. I fell in love with her writing when reading the Deep Haven series and my love for her writing just continues to grow strong. I love how she makes this characters with such feelings that they jump out of the pages and you in turn feel what they feel. And boy does she make the setting so inviting that you just want to be in Alaska at the ranch with Dodge and his father. 

Let me not get ahead of myself here. Right away we meet Dodge who has carries some anger baggage around.  He has carried this with him for a long time and as you read the story you understand why he feels this way but you also come to realize how all of it could've been prevented with the art of communication. He believes that he has forgiven those that have hurt him but he hasn't truly forgiven them they way God asks us to forgive. We can't drag that stuff with us you know? And I love how that is revealed to him by his dad (Barry King)  whom he felt didn't support him or love him enough. I teared up a few times at how proud his dad was of him and Dodge never got to experience that first hand. I love that  the legacy that he wants to leave Dodge is not the ranch but rather a legacy of faith. 

We also meet Echo who is Dodge's old girlfriend. Her hurt comes from deep within. I felt for her as we peel her layers and find out why she struggles to completely give her heart over to Dodge. It was neat to see her character development throughout the story. 

There is a whole lot going on in this story. I mean its the first book so that's to be expected as she is setting up the stage for this series. There are characters that right away you will absolutely dislike. You'll know exactly who I am talking about as soon as you read the book. 

And I hate to do this to you but the book ends in a cliffhanger!!! Say what?! I was not ready for that! LOL. I need the second book stat because I need to know what is going to happen. 

If you enjoy Christian contemporary romances with a bit of mystery and suspense then definitely grab this one!

My Rating: 4 Stars/Really Liked it

I received a copy of this book from the publisher. I was not required to post a positive review. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.

About the Author

I can't help be amazed at the gifts God has delighted me with - a wonderful husband, four amazing children, and the opportunity to write for Him.

I've been writing as long as I can remember - I won my first book writing contest in first grade! Over the years, writing has become, for me, a way to praise God and see Him at work in my life.

Although I have a degree in Mass Communications from the University of MN, my real writing experience started when I penned the The Warren Report - a bi-monthly newsletter that detailed our ministry highlights.

Living in Russia meant I never lacked for great material - and those experiences naturally spilled out first into devotionals and magazine articles and finally into my first published story, "Measure of a Man," in the Tyndale/HeartQuest, Chance Encounters of the Heart anthology.

Susan and husbandI grew up in Wayzata, a suburb of Minneapolis, and became an avid camper from an early age. My favorite fir-lined spot is the north shore of Minnesota - it's where I met my husband, honeymooned and dreamed of living. The north woods easily became the foundation for my first series, The Deep Haven series.based on a little tourist town along the shores of Lake Superior. I have to admit - I'm terribly jealous of Mona, the heroine of my first full-length book, Happily Ever After, a Christy Award Finalist published in 2004 with Tyndale/Heartquest.

Our family moved home from the mission field in June 2004 -- and now we live in the beautiful town I'd always dreamed of! God has amazed me anew with His provision, and blessings -- and allowed me a season when I can write full time for Him.

I 'm delighted you've stopped in to visit. My hope is that you'll be blessed and encouraged by soul-stirring stories of regular people interacting with a God who loves them.

I'd love to hear from you! I love getting mail, especially from readers and I welcome your questions and comments. Write to me at And, if you're interested, sign up for my newsletter, a quarterly sneak peek into upcoming releases and projects. Thank you for your interest and support.

God Bless and Happy Reading!

In His Grip,
Susan May Warren

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