Homer's The Odyssey by B.B. Gallagher ~ Book Review

October 27, 2021


About the Book

Book: Homer's The Odyssey
Author: B.B. Gallagher
Genre: Children's Fiction
Release Date: October 2021

Ever been lost and want to go home? Join Odysseus as he struggles to return to his family in this epic retelling of the adventures of The Odyssey.

Retold for a children audience, Poetic Primer's The Odyssey is filled with vibrant illustrations while still maintaining the poetic format of the original work. 

Together you and your reader can enter the world of Ancient Greece and see how our hero, Odysseus, exemplifies a multitude of classical virtues as he courageously slays monsters, patiently travels to magical lands, and prudently takes back his home and family. 

Filled with educational materials and discussion questions, The Odyssey is bound to be you and your child's next favorite epic.


A dilemma that some parents face is whether or not to introduce their children to certain classics because they have some questionable scenes or characters. For instance, the epic, The Odyssey presents the strong moral hero, Odysseys, who faces some more adult-like vices like lust. Hence, Good & True Media has taken some of the renowned classics and made them more kid friendly without removing the elegant language or the essence of the story. 

Poetic Primers focuses on the virtues that each of the heroes embodies and the poetic language of each story. In the back of each is a character development section which explains the virtues and vices present in the story and offers reflection questions for the children to relate those virtues and vices to their own lives. Together with beautiful illustrations, Poetic Primers allow younger readers to experience the epic tales of the old classic heroes while fostering their innocence.

 My Thoughts

Well once again I get an amazing book that comes into our house and we absolutely love! It is always a pleasure to review a book that I know aligns with our Christian beliefs and teaches my children something valuable. We did this book as part of our morning routine. My younger kiddos really loved the photos but the story didn't quite captivate them, however my twelve year old absolutely loved it. He really enjoyed the stories and the illustrations. Honestly he has read it a few times and now resides in his room. 

I really like how the author makes the story such kid friendly and as a parent I love that it has included a family-friendly character development section to dive deeper into the story and lear about the virtues that are emphasized in the story. 

Overall I thought this was a great story and perfect introduction into Greek Mythology and making interesting for kids and family friendly.

My Rating: 5 Stars/We loved it!

I received a copy of this book from the publisher. I was not required to post a positive review. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.

 About the Author

The Odyssey: A Poetic Primer is B.B. Gallagher's fifth published book and first of the Poetic Primer Series.

Married to Alyssa and father to Charlie, John Paul, Evelyn and Henry, he appreciates what time he gets in front of the computer to write. As publisher of Good & True, B.B. is leading the future of Children's literature, one moral lesson at a time.

In what little spare time he has, B.B. teaches at Belmont Abbey College, enjoys strategic board games and losing at Fantasy Football.

Instagram: @bb_gallagher

Facebook: @bbgallagher 

Twitter: @bb_gallagher

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