First Line Friday - Just Look Up

February 12, 2021

 Happy Friday!!

What a day it has been around here! We hosted our very small homeschool group Valentine's party since the weather has not been cooperative. Everyday is rain and cold... sigh... anyways we had 20 kids and 4 mamas (me and mine are included in that number) and boy did we have fun! It was a lot of kids and super loud but totally worth it for my kids especially! I am however not done with the busy weekend since tomorrow the Firecracker aka the 5 year old has a tea party with her little friends and she is SO excited to dress up tomorrow! Oy! Then Sunday is my birthday!! SO definitely a busy week for us! 

Anyways today is another First Line Friday hosted by Hoarding Books. I am sharing the first line from Just Look Up by Courtney Walsh. I am excited to read this and discuss it with my fellow book nerds over on Facebook for the Inspired Book Challenge Book Club at the end of this month!

Now it's your turn! Grab the closest book to you and drop the first line in the comments!


  1. Happy birthday and I hope the tea party was fun! Love your blog!

  2. Quite the busy weekend! Hope you found some time to read. Happy Birthday!