Monday Musings - Summertime

June 8, 2020

Hello Friends!
Well June is in full force around here we have already celebrated one birthday and this week we will celebrate another one! Besides birthdays what do we do all of June? Well we do homeschool year round. We don't do all subjects. We definitely keep up with the Math and we do lots of read alouds. 

This year though things look a lot different. In the summers we tend to go to the pool, park, library, movies,  museums, zoo... etc... we used to do lots of activities and now everything seems to be at a standstill. This summer will definitely look a lot different but it will definitely not deter me from making memories with the kids. So I aim to get a kiddie pool for the backyard, lots of bubbles and water play. Hopefully we can make a beach trip or two this summer as well as head on over to visit some family out of town. 

What is your summer looking like this year? What activities are you doing? Let me know in the comments! Maybe I can add some to our list!

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