Monday Musings

May 18, 2020


Hello Friends,
I'm going to start this new post every Monday called Monday Musings. This will be the one time a week where blogging won't necessary be about books but just about the musings of me, your favorite blogger! It can be a range of topics from just getting to know me a bit better, homeschooling, daily life, a weekly ranting or just a trip we have recently taken. Seriously any topic could be covered on Mondays here on the blog! It could be serious, silly or sad (wow didn't mean for the alliteration!)

(Totally kudos for me....but can we take a minute and admire my super cute header there! My little Avatar looks like me! My graphic skills are getting better... although full disclosure I purchased my mini-me so I did not make her. But the rest I did put together!) 

Today let's be a bit lighthearted and talk about favorite TV shows... I love watching TV but I find myself not watching as much TV and focusing more on reading. However when I do watch there are certain shows that are at the top of my list that I could watch over and over... 

Gilmore Girls ~  I love this show so much!! It's one of my go-to shows when I'm feeling a little down and just want to veg... not that I have tons of time to do so but when I do I am always ready with this show! I mean what's not to love about a mother/daughter duo in a small town, addicted to coffee?

Little House on the Prairie ~ Oh goodness this has been a top favorite of mine since I was a little girl! And I have passed that love on to my oldest kiddos. They love to watch it with me and we tend to do so on rainy days when we "skip" school or just finish off early. I love that they enjoy this show this much and laugh at the antics of Mrs. Oleson and Nellie! 

When Calls the Heart ~ what a great wholesome show! I love everything about it. I wish I had Hallmark to watch all the new episodes but thankfully for this season I am all caught up thanks to my mother-in-love who also shares the love for the show and had them recorded so I was able to watch them on my last visit! I do have the books on my TBR (to be read) list. I know they are different from the show and would love to read them all one day! 


Those are my go-to, at the top of my list shows but there are others that fit different categories of my mood or just TV for enjoyment for example for a good laugh I can always count on New Girl, Friends and Seinfeld. 

I love British shows so Call the Midwife, Poldark, Downton Abbey and Father Brown are some of my absolute favorite as far as shows considered to be Drama and I must admit I've had tissues nearby when I watch them because they do make me cry! 

I also love Canadian shows like Murdoch Mysteries and Heartland. 

This is another reason I don't watch much TV I would need subscriptions to many different TV subscribers since we don't have cable and stream anything we watch. I will say that I will be getting Acorn TV very soon (as in tomorrow) to get my British TV fix! LOL! 

Well there you have it.. my musings for today based on some of my favorite TV shows... What about you? Do you have any favorites or go-to TV shows? Any you recommend based on my list? I'd love to know so drop me a comment below! 

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