Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Book Names That Would Make Great Band Titles

April 21, 2020

Hello Friends! It's Tuesday and that means its another edition of Top Ten Tuesday a weekly meme hosted by the Artsy Girl. This week the topic is books that would make great band titles. Honestly I almost didn't participate in this one.

If you haven't figured it out by now my blog is mainly Christian fiction and from seeing all the other bloggers that do this challenge every week it seems like most of them don't blog about this particular genre that I love so much so I was kind of intimidated that I could not do this. (Not saying there aren't others that are like me that only focus on this genre but there are so many that participate that I never have the time to go through all the blogs listed!)

 But alas, I got out of my own way and decided to go for it. After all there are plenty of titles out there and I am sure I could make some of them work for a band title! So here are my picks... I am only doing titles so we aren't distracted by the photos since that may take some of the "band" vibe away from the title! 😊

1. The Betrayal by Beverly Lewis
2.  Scattered Petals by Amanda Cabot
3. Take Three by Karen Kingsbury
4. Paper Hearts by Courtney Walsh
5. Above the Fold by Rachel Scott McDaniel
6. Trails and Targets by Kelly Eileen Hake
7. Strands of Truth by Colleen Coble
8. Sagebrush Knights by Erica Vetsch
9. Code of Valor by Lynette Eason
10. The Covenant by Beverly Lewis

So what do you think? What are some book titles you think would make good band names? Tell me in the comments or leave me a link to your Top Ten Tuesday Post so I can check it out! 

💕 Happy Reading!


  1. Nicely done! I really like Paper Hearts and Above the Fold - they'd make great band names. :)

    I had a lot of fun with this week's prompt. Here's my post for Top Ten Tuesday!

  2. I think you have a lovely list there. :)

    My TTT .

  3. Sagebrush Knights. I really like that one!

    1. I thought that was a good one. I didn't think I would find any! LOL!

  4. Wow. You did come up with some spectacular choices! I am really digging the idea of a band called "Scattered Petals." And Strands of Truth, too.

    1. Thanks! This was hard for the genre that I read. But I am glad I managed to come up with some!

  5. You can *totally* do this, regardless of what you blog about. Welcome to TTT!

    I actually don't read Christian fiction, but I think it's even more unique that you rocked this list with Christian fic titles, and they work wonderfully! Paper Hearts and Scattered Petals are my favorites. :3

    Here's my TTT post.

    1. Aww.. thank you that means a lot! I do love the Paper Hearts one. I love your take on the prompt and how you did poems! Some of them I had not heard of before so it was great to read! Thank you for stopping by!