Our Homeschooling Schedule 2020

April 23, 2020

Hello Friends! I am writing this post because so many of my  crisis- schooling/distance learning mama friends keep asking me what my actual schedule is and honestly I don't really know the answer to that but I sat down and somewhat, kind of put some times together.

Like I mentioned before we do our whole school day in the morning. So I'll give you what it looked like today... it pretty much looks the same everyday especially nowadays when our days our stuck at home. I should remind you that we only do school four days a week Monday-Thursday and Fridays is typically our co-op day. When we don't have co-op we still do our Math. Math is not a subject we tend to skip! 

7:30ish - I wake up and do my morning routine, head downstairs, have a much needed cup of coffee (or two) and have my time with Jesus. 

8:20ish - I head back upstairs and get ready for the day. Get dressed, make my bed (yes, I make the bed everyday except Sundays!) and then get the kids out of their rooms since they are most of the time awake. The older ones are the ones that tend to sleep in a bit so I let them sleep and they eventually make their way down. 

9:00 - We are already downstairs and doing breakfast. Now mind you breakfast in our house is nothing fancy at all! Most days its cereal, yogurt, toast, fruit and waffles. While the kids are eating I bring our Morning Basket. I read them a chapter book and by the time I am finished with the chapter (s) they are starting to finish their food. We recite our Memory Verse for the month, sing our Hymn of the Month, do our devotionals and pray for our day. I read them a picture book or two and then we move on to Science. We are doing Zoology this year so I read them the passages and then we head to the classroom to get our notebooks. (Now mind you the little ones do sit through most of the morning routine but I do not make them. The only thing they have to sit for is devotionals everything else is optional. They tend to stick close by and come back for the picture book and surprisingly Science most of the time!) After Science we move right into History where I read as well and then we do a one page activity from their workbooks but we don't always do this. Sometimes I am just reading. (Did you notice a pattern? I am mostly reading the whole morning while they do some activities.. and sometimes they are sitting or coloring while I am reading)

** Next school term I will be adding Geography to this piece of our day so we will see how that goes. I think it will be a fun addition and they are already looking forward to it. 

10:30ish - 12:00 -We start our core subjects. Math, Language Arts and Reading. It is their choice what they start with. The Gentle Ninja always starts with Math because its his absolute favorite while the Jedi Master starts with Reading which is his favorite subject. It works out great because Jedi Master can pretty much at his age do his work independently so I teach the Math Lesson to the Gentle Ninja and get him going so I can work with the Cuddly Scientist and the Firecracker. Most of the time they are playing with play-doh, dinos, puzzles and such. At the moment there is a tent outside the door they have been playing in and it has been great. But I do pull them and work with them. Especially the Cuddly Scientist since we are focusing on his letters and numbers. 

12:00 - LUNCHTIME 
Typically by this time we are completely done in the school room. We work better in the area. I know some people do school all over their house. We have tried that but it just doesn't work for our kiddos. They don't focus very well and having our designated area keeps all the stuff in one area! 😄 If one of the kiddos is not done then they can finish after lunch. But this doesn't happen too often. If by a crazy chance we aren't done by 1:00pm then it doesn't get done at all and we leave it for the next day. 

The rest of the afternoon is for doing chores, cleaning house, playing outside, tablet time and TV. The boys have the Amazon Kids Fire Tablets (affiliate link) so they have a designated learning time they must accomplish before they get free time on them. I love that about them! 

So that's our day in a nutshell. We don't spend all day sitting or traditional schooling. It takes time to get to this. Trust me at the beginning of our homeschooling journey I treated it like school and I was so miserable and tired. Now its fun, easy, quick and they are still learning. Pre-COVID we spent our days heading to the park, going food shopping together (which they love... going to BJ's or Sams is like a field trip to them, especially when the snack ladies are out!), library, meeting friends, church, sports etc... so yes my children are very well socialized and as soon as you meet them you can tell because they aren't that quiet! 

I hope this helps someone out there and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask! I will answer to the best of my ability! 

Until next time! 

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