If Mama Ain't Happy by Rachel Norman ~ Book Review

October 17, 2022


About the Book 

Book: If Mama Ain't Happy 
Author: Rachel Norman
Genre: Christian Non-Fiction
Publisher: Tyndale
Release Date: October 11, 2022

Are you weary? Stressed? Depressed, anxious, and annoyed? And, to top it all off, do you feel guilty for feeling bad? Rachel Norman gets you, mama. She knows how much you love your kids. And how, day after day, you put your family's needs first, which means your own needs come last. Or don't come at all.

Rachel used to be a mom who spent her days weary, anxious, and guilt laden. She had five kids in five years, lived on three different continents, and then was blindsided by a devastating health diagnosis. Neglecting her own physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional needs for so long--in an effort to be a selfless mother--had left her utterly depleted. And physically unwell. Then she began asking a question she'd never considered before: Could it be that taking good care of myself is not actually selfish, but maybe, just maybe, something a responsible adult does? In this countercultural book, Rachel takes some weight off your shoulders by

offering hands-on, rubber-meets-the-road strategies to cultivate a life you aren't trying to constantly escape
teaching you to discover and claim your own limits and boundaries so you can be a calm, resilient, peaceful mother
showing you how to shape your daily life and values around the few things that really matter, and how to let the rest go

If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. But when mama is at peace? Everyone benefits.

My Thoughts 

You know that old saying “If Mama Ain’t nobody’s happy…” Well author Rachel Norman has written this book If Mama Ain’t Happy to remind all mamas out there that setting boundaries for yourself is good for your whole family!

You know I’m not a huge non-fiction reader but I thought this was pretty interesting read. The author does a great job at giving you some ideas on how to take care of yourself and taking time for you is equally important as being the “mama and wife” in your household. There are parts on the chapters for you to pause and reflect with questions that will dig deep on how you should balance life within your family.

This is a great book for overwhelmed mamas that just don’t know how to let go of some things and let others help out within your immediate family. To take some time for you for being you

About the Author

Rachel Norman is a mother, Language of Listening® parent coach, and certified baby and toddler sleep consultant. She is the founder of A Mother Far From Home - an online community dedicated to helping young mothers create peaceful and enjoyable lives for their families - reaching more than two million readers each year. Rachel resides in DeFuniak Springs, Florida with her husband and their five children.

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