Lifeway Women's Bible ~ Bible Review

May 27, 2022

Do you still carry your Bible to church? It seems like nowadays when you look down the pew or chairs you see more and more people reach for their phones and pull up the Bible app instead. I myself have done this so no judging here. But there’s something amazing about turning the pages of a Bible. I know I have multiples in our house and different versions as well.

This one is the Lifeway Womens Bible. Ya’ll the leather cover is SO soft! I have the mint green/aqua one because I just love that color! I love to do my Bible study from my actual Bible and I love having different versions because sometimes looking at it from a different way just makes it all make sense in my head.

If you are looking for a new study Bible this may be fit your needs! Here’s what I love about it: #
📖 Bible Genre introductions
📖 Plenty of space to journal of you enjoy doing so!
📖 Concordance!!
📖 Reflection questions
📖 Timelines at the beginning of each Book.
📖 Plans to read the Bible in 90 days or 3 years
📖 Devotionals by different Christian women!

There is a ton more that I could tell you but check out the pics! You can grab your very own copy here 👉🏼

The only thing that I will say that this truly is a Study Bible so it’s a bit thick. So, even though you could definitely take this to church, for me personally this would be a bit too cumbersome to carry around.

Thank you @christianstandardbible and @lifewaywomen for the copy of this beautiful Bible.

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