Goodbye Vanity by April Bradshaw ~ Book Review

November 21, 2020


Author: April Bradshaw
Genre: Inspirational Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Sweetwater Still Publishing
Release Date: November 15, 2020
Pages: 198

What if you woke up one day and life seemed meaningless? Would you have the courage to let go, hoping to find something better?

Identical twins, Hope and Jewel were always close. But when a new man enters their lives and Hope is accused of a serious crime, their relationship is threatened.

In an effort to find the truth, Hope begins to wonder if love and forgiveness might just be worth all of the trouble in the world---even the possibility of losing her sister.


This little book packs a lot in it! I read it all in one day, mainly because I couldn't put it down. I had to find out the outcome. I must be honest and let you know that the beginning starts a little slow but trust me stick with it, it gets good and then you won't want to put it down! 

We meet Hope right away and we can immediately see that she is looking for something more out of life. She feels a tug in her regarding God but pushes it aside as her sister Jewel wants nothing to do with religion and mocks it. You can tell right away that the twins are completely polar opposites and it makes this story quite interesting. When Hope is accused of a serious crime at work everything completely changes for the twins and their relationship with each other. 

Ben is one of the characters that we see during the story and he becomes a solid foundation in Hope's life and her pursuit for God. Their love story is quite sweet. 

This story is definitely filled with twists, a little mystery and a whole lot of emotions. (I needed the tissues...) This story is all about redemption and grace. My only complaint for this book is that it doesn't give you a complete conclusion and I am not sure if that was meant on purpose. I am really hoping that there will be another book as I think it is needed to better understand Jewel. I think she needs her own story. 

Overall I think that this is a great read and perfect for anyone that loves clean fiction. Perfect for young adults and older teens. 

My Rating: 4 Stars/ Really Liked it

Favorite Musings/Quotes: 

"A person's character doesn't lie far beneath the surface," he said easily. "What's inside has a way of spilling over."

"If we don't trust God in hard times, we don't really trust him at all."

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April Bradshaw has loved writing stories since she was old enough to form words on paper. Her passion is to create engaging, wholesome drama that touches the heart of the reader. In addition to writing, April enjoys kayaking, growing herbs, and teaching music lessons. She lives with her husband in rural Virginia.

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