Author Interview (and a Giveway!): Teresa Tysinger ~ Suddenly Forever

October 7, 2020

Please join me in welcoming Teresa Tysinger to the blog to chat about her new book Suddenly Forever, which is book 2 in the Laurel Cove Series! I fell in love with her first book so I am super excited for this one! 

About the Author

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Teresa Tysinger is an author of Southern Contemporary Romance inspired by grace. She writes on the fringes of being a wife, mom, and full-time communications and public relations  professional. Her acclaimed debut novel, Someplace Familiar, released in 2017. Teresa is a member of ACFW, the Association for Women in Communications, and the Religion Communicators Council. She loves coffee, traveling, and prides herself in knowing and loving almost every genre of music. Born in Hawaii, raised in Florida, and educated in North Carolina, she now resides in Texas with her husband, daughter, and dog.

You can connect with Teresa on the following social media channels:

About the Book


Series: (Laurel Cove Romance, Book 2)
Release Date: October 6, 2020
Formats: Print and eBook

Publisher (Indie): Good Day Publishing
Pre-Order Link 

On the outskirts of Laurel Cove, North Carolina sits a quiet lake tucked into gentle mountains carpeted with the brilliant colors of autumn. Grief binds the lake’s only residents into an unlikely family, where old and new love build a bridge between loss and hope.

For years, best-selling author Cora Bradford has worked tirelessly to tread the unrelenting waves of grief in solitude. That is until a new neighbor moves in down the road and threatens to disrupt what she’s carefully preserved of the life she once knew. Will God ever answer her prayer for peace and calmer waters?

Following a scandal, Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist Luke Bassett escapes to the one place in the world he’s ever experienced peace—his mother’s cabin on the lake where he spent childhood summers. But the memory of her and the mistakes he made are hardly peaceful. To make matters worse, he gets off to a rocky start with his bitter, but breathtakingly beautiful, neighbor. Was running away from the life he’s always known the biggest mistake of all, or the beginning of something he never knew he wanted?

Spunky, opinionated, and recently widowed Ina McLean is alone for the first time in over ninety years. When Cora and Luke come together to care for their only other neighbor, Ina’s belief in God’s goodness through life’s ups and downs works to restore their hope in learning to live—and love—again.  


Hi Teresa! Welcome to the blog!

Q. Dog or Cats?

Teresa: Dogs, but I like cats too!

Kelly: Me too! but I have a kiddo allergic to cats so that's not an option for us!

Q. Coffee or Tea?

Teresa: Coffee, coffee, coffee!

Kelly: Girl, me too!! LOL!

Q. Netflix or Hallmark Channel?

Teresa: Netflix for the variety.

Kelly: Yeah, me too. We only have Netflix but I do miss the Christmas movie marathons from Hallmark.

Q. Oceans or Mountains?

Teresa: Oh, hard one! Mountains AND ocean. My favorite place is the San Juan Islands, WA. They've got both!

Kelly: Ooh... sounds like my kind of place!

Q. Tell me some good books you've read lately.

Teresa: Recently finished The Haunting at Bonaventure Circus by Jaime Jo Wright (amazing!) and currently reading Just Like Home by Courtney Walsh (so far, really good!).

Kelly: I want to read both of these so bad!! I've only heard good things about both.

Q. What made you start writing?

Teresa: I was an early avid reader! So, I always thought I’d write. After earning two English degrees and going into a career in communications and marketing, it took a friend who believed in my creativity to tell me about NaNoWriMo several years ago and get me to try my hand at fiction. That project turned into my first novel, Someplace Familiar!

Kelly: Well I for one I am so glad you did! 

Q. Who has been your biggest supporter/cheerleader?

Teresa: I’m blessed with many cheerleaders. But my biggest, loudest, and most enthusiastic is my husband, Eric. He never stops encouraging, pushes me, and tries selling books to everyone! Ha!

Kelly: Aww!! That's so sweet and so important to have that support system!

Q. Do you have a favorite spot you do your writing in?

Teresa: I actually love my little home office. My desk sits right under a large window looking out to our backyard. It’s lovely.

Kelly- That sounds lovely!

Q. Did you have the whole plot outlined or do you let the characters dictate what comes next?

Teresa: I consider myself a hybrid plotter/pantser. I usually know the general themes, plot highlights, and what the characters desire most. But the specific scenes often come to me organically as I write.

Kelly: Well, I am glad the method works because I love your stories!

Q. What is one of your favorite quotes from your new book Suddenly Forever? Why do you love it?

Teresa:  “That’s the thing about loss, dear. Those of us left on this side of heaven must redefine ourselves. It’s the only hope we have of continuing to live in the here and now. [...] Otherwise, we end up doing something that only resembles living in a version of the past that doesn’t exist anymore.”
This is spoken by Ina, the wise and spunky elderly neighbor of Cora and Luke, the two main characters I’m Suddenly Forever. I think the quote points out that while hope is God-given, it sometimes takes active steps and intention to invite it into our lives.

Kelly: Oh I loved Ina! She was such a special character.

Thank you so much for taking time to talk with me! Before we say goodbye for today, tell us what is coming up next for you?

Teresa: I’m writing a super fun novella—with a quirky heroine who makes me laugh—for a summer collection coming out next year. Also next year, I’ll be releasing the last two books in my Laurel Cove Romance series!

Kelly: Yay!! I am so happy! I can't wait to return to Laurel Cove and I can't wait to read the new novella as well!



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