Hope in 60 Seconds by Cristina Baker ~ Book Review

June 9, 2022


About the Book 

Book: Hope in 60 Seconds
Author: Cristina Baker
Genre: Christian Non-Fiction

Now more than ever, we all face trying situations. The hope we need and hunger for is not a strategy or state of mind, but faith in Jesus. He stands secure for us in the face of every trial, from loss to sickness to injustice. Through 20 short prayers, 10 personal stories of miraculous transformations, and Biblical teachings, Hope in 60 Seconds will help you take the first steps towards a journey of security in the hope of Jesus.

“At twenty-one I was as far from hopeful as anyone could get. Maybe as far as you are now.”

These are the words of Cristina Baker as she considered her traumatic life: from childhood abuse to troubled teen years, to a descent into substance abuse, she resonates with a lost world who understands first-hand how easy it is to lose hope. Then, just as she was about to go to jail for drug possession, the Hero of Hope, Jesus Christ, came into her life and set her on a completely new path.

If you are weary and doubting, Cristina understands. Hope in 60 Seconds will help you to:

Be encouraged and empowered by someone who has been in a similar place of discouragement and discovered Christ’s authority and love,
Learn how Jesus establishes hope and begin to experience it first-hand in the darkest of circumstances,
Grow in your ability to connect with Jesus and find the hope you have longed for all of your life, and
Prove that a connection with Jesus is the ultimate source of hope.
The message of Cristina’s life is Jesus, the hope we need and hunger for—a hope that will stand secure in the face of brokenness, loss, sickness, abuse, a brain tumor diagnosis, injustice, and death. In Hope in 60 Seconds, she shares the steps of her journey to encounter, receive, and walk in the hope of Jesus, and offers readers powerful wisdom for how they can take the same journey for themselves.

My Thoughts

I’m not a huge nonfiction reader unless it’s my Bible or a book that completely grabs me. But sometimes it’s a good break to grab something that will uplift you and give you a new perspective. In this book author Christina Baker shares her walk with Jesus and basically her testimony as she comes to realization that God’s hope is something we need to hunger for. The hope we need to withstand loss, brokenness, death and so on.

If you are looking for a testimony and a look into someone’s journey then I recommend this book!

Grab it here 👉🏼https://bit.ly/Hopein6Seconds

My Rating: 4 Stars

I received a copy of this book for review. I was not required to post a positive review. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.

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