First Line Friday ~ Expecting Danger

September 11, 2020

Happy Friday!! 

How is it that even though this was a short week it felt so LONG!! Just me?! Okay... LOL! We are definitely looking forward to the weekend. It's another First Line Friday hosted by Hoarding Books. Today my first line comes from Expecting Danger by Jennifer Pierce. I'll have my review on this one up tomorrow so make sure you come back for that! 😉

(Also available on Kindle Unilimited)

My First Line:
"The hair on the back of Kate's  neck stood on end, and the feeling of being watched crawled along her skin 
in goose bumps"

Your turn! Grab the book closest to you and 
drop the first line in the comments!


  1. Happy Friday! Today, I'm sharing the first line from Rules Are Made to be Broken by Mylissa Demeyere. "I walked through the double doors and into the lobby, clutching the strap of my backpack on my shoulder as if my life depended on it."

  2. Creepy line!

    Happy Friday!
    I'm currently reading On Wings of Devotion by Roseanna M. White. I ❤ it so much. Currently, I'm on chpt. 15 so I'll share a line from there.
    "For a long moment, Arabelle could only stare. Perhaps it was the fact that she'd only managed about three hours of sleep, but the image before her simply made no sense."
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend. 🙂❤📚

  3. My first line is from A Portrait of Loyalty by Roseanna White:
    Chapter 1
    Thursday, 28 March 1918
    Mayfair, London, England
    Lilian Blackwell held her breath and inched along the wall, praying with every footfall that Mama wouldn’t look up.