Monday Musings

Welcome to Monday Musings! 

As they are the beginning of the week they tend to be kind of blah sometimes plus it's the day that starts you whole week off so why not start it with some Musings to share with everyone!! 

What are Musings?! 

Musings: A Period of reflection or thought

I was sharing my own Musings but I thought it would be more fun to have other bloggers share theirs so we can all get to know each other better and our readers get to know us as well! I mean everyone wants a peak at what our thoughts are right!? So I hope you join me as we share our thoughts with each other! I have compiled the prompts on here for the corresponding Mondays. Jot them down so you are ready! If you have a prompt you would like to add don't hesitate to comment below and let me know or email me!


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  • Try to visit at least a few of the blogs and comment 😀 the whole point is to get to know each other as well! 
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Upcoming Topics:

September 14 - Favorite Sports Team
September 21- Favorite Season and Why
September 28 - Favorite Fall Activity

October 5 - Favorite Bible Verse/Inspirational Quote
October 12- What is your favorite Halloween Candy?
October 19- Did you have a favorite Halloween costume as a child?
October 26- Do you have a favorite Halloween movie?

November 2- Who are your favorite authors?
November 9 - Coffee or Tea?
November 16 - I am thankful for...
November 23 - How do you spend Thanksgiving?
November 30 - Do you shop on Black Friday? Find any good deals?

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